Get Fit and Stay Motivated

How many times did you try to start working out but never started? The lack of motivation is one of the worst problems for people worldwide. Everyone looks at people leading healthy lifestyles and thinks that it is so easy for them to stay fit and motivated. These people are not special though. They work hard and know that nothing comes easy.

If you cannot cope with your writing assignment, you start looking for an essay writer online but with sports, the situation is a bit different. You cannot stay fit and healthy at home if you delegate the task to someone else. It is crucial to motivate yourself every day. Yes, this is not easy. You need to have a strong will to do that but by knowing how you will do that with ease.

If you cannot find your motivation to work out and think this is not for you, check the strategy that will change your mind forever. Stop being lazy and looking for excuses. Start acting. The most important task is to start! Do it right now!

1.  Start slowly

You know, people usually jump into things quickly. This leads only to a quick finish. Unfortunately, if you decide that you have to bench press 100 times tomorrow, you will do that tomorrow. That will be the end of your exercise motivation and with a 100% guarantee, this will be your last workout.

You have to start slowly. Set up small goals. For example, bench press 3 times tomorrow. Then add 1 more the very next day. Every day, add one or two more repetitions. This will not discourage you from working out. On the contrary, it will give you the energy to reach new goals every day.

Remember that your eating habits cannot also change in an eye blink. If you have never led a healthy lifestyle. you cannot start doing it in one day. You will do that for one, two, three days, or a week. After that, a breakdown follows. You forget about all that healthy food and start eating all “forbidden” food.

You should involve healthy habits very slowly in your life and everyday routine. Start by drinking water in the morning. Then add more during the day. Create a habit of drinking water before each meal. Step-by-step, it will become an integral part of your day. The same concerns food. and workouts. Launch everything slowly. day by day. No rush — no breakdowns.

Get Fit and Stay Motivated

2.  Set realistic goals

There is no need to set unrealistic goals. It concerns everything — your workouts, eating habits, weight losses, etc. Just like in the previous advice, you should not rush anywhere. Do you have some extra weight? Then start losing it step by step.

For example: I want to lose 15 lbs in two weeks — this is an unrealistic goal.

                      I want to lose 1lbs in one week — this is a realistic goal.

When being a student and writing papers, you are not aiming to write 50 pages in one night, are you? The same concerns weight loss, healthy food, and working out. You have been gaining weight for many days, months, and even years. No one becomes overweight in one day. Therefore, losing it in one day or month is also impossible.

Months and years are needed to become fit again. Be patient and complete little tasks every day. Go to your goal day by day. Nothing comes easy, remember that. The sense of the simple strategy is to be realistic no matter what your goals are. Small steps every day are much better than one huge step once in a while.

3.  Practice makes perfect

Please, do not expect quick results. Staying motivated is impossible when you expect too much very quickly. Make physical activity a part of your daily life. Start drinking water daily. As it was mentioned, no need to rush into things.

Drink one glass of water in the morning and add a bit more water daily. Make it a part of your everyday life. The same concerns your daily workouts. If you have never been successful in sports, you cannot just hire a tough coach and start dying in a gym.

Start with a very small morning workout. You can proceed on the basis of Thai gymnastics. For example, write big numbers with your hands in the air. Start writing from one and finish with ten. You may not even doubt that this gymnastics will not take more than 5 minutes of your day. You will see that in a few days, this will not be enough and you will want to practice more.

Yoga is one of the best fitness tips for life that will not exhaust you but vice versa, and gives you more energy. It doesn’t only help you stay fit and motivated but also brings your mind in order.

4.  Participate in marathons

There are plenty of free online marathons that help people start being fit. You can join one of them. Normally, there is a coach who tells you what to do, what to eat, and helps you track your progress. When you need essay writing help you apply for a professional writer. When you need help with getting fit, you need the same — an assistant and motivator.

Such marathons are very good because people are under the control of a professional. You are not left face-to-face with your problem but now, you need to show your progress and results to others. This evokes some responsibility. This is also a sort of competition with other members. When there is a spirit of competition, everyone wants to win.


5.  Track your progress

Once again, do not expect immediate results. It is simply impossible. There are no magic pills or placebos. There are only magic kicks that will make your mind realize you need to do that right now and there might be no other chance. Tracking your progress is a must. Do not be sad if you see no lost lbs on your scales. Weight loss depends on many factors. If you work out, you may not lose much because your muscles are much heavier than fat.

Just measure your volumes. Arms, waist, chest, hips, legs, etc. Write the results down every week. When you look in the mirror, you may not see any results but once you measure and see those odious centimeters melting, you will have new motivation not to quit but keep doing that!

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