The Secret Fat Burner fake

Health authorities continue to warn consumers about tainted, dangerous products that are marketed as dietary supplements. These fraudulent products can cause serious injury or even death.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found nearly 300 fraudulent products—promoted mainly for weight loss, sexual enhancement, and bodybuilding—that contain hidden or deceptively labeled ingredients, such as

  • the active ingredients in FDA-approved drugs or their analogs (closely-related drugs)


  • other compounds, such as novel synthetic steroids, that do not qualify as dietary ingredients

These products are masquerading as dietary supplements—they may look like dietary supplements but they are not legal dietary supplements,” says Michael Levy, director of FDA’s Division of New Drugs and Labeling Compliance. “Some of these products contain hidden prescription ingredients at levels much higher than those found in an approved drug product and are dangerous.”

The Secret Fat Burner is a weight loss pill that contains a combination of ingredients that assist in weight loss by increasing metabolism, thereby burning consumed calories and stored fats. The Secret Fat Burner has also been designed to increase energy and boost performance. With an average weight loss of 3 to 7kgs per month, this product is the top-selling fat burner & appetite suppressant in South Africa.

Most of the things which are expensive yet trendy are prone to get copied and sold on the black market. The darker side is there is a hike in the production and sales of fake supplements in developing countries. But US research suggests such supplements have caused “acute liver injury” in some people who took them regularly. And US government advice suggests they have “little or no effect” on weight loss.


How to Spot Fakes

The best way for consumers to protect themselves is to ensure that they’re purchasing a quality supplement that has a verified mark like USP. And that’s really important given the size and diversity of the products and ingredients and the rapid pace with which new dietary supplements are introduced into the market.

It’s also advisable for consumers to purchase the supplements from reputable outlets, whether it’s a retail store or the Internet. Because if you’re dealing with a reputable retailer, they’re going to be taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the products that they’re selling on their shelves are of good quality.

According to the company which produces the pill, here are the distinguishing characteristics that will assist with the identification of real Secret Fat Burner vs Fake:
A. Outside
i. The watermark (original- with every batch of labels that we print, we move the watermark around, it is not so visible, if you shine an Ultraviolet light on the packaging, the watermark as well as the flame, will brighten up because of the neon ink we use. Fake – the watermark is very visible, neither the watermark nor flame lights up when you shine an ultraviolet light on it.)
ii . The texture and color of the label (original- the texture and color has a gloss finish. Fake – The texture and color have a matt finish.)
iii . The color of the print on the label (original- the white writing of the heading is the same color as the description. Fake – the heading is white and the description is grey)
B. Inside
i. The content of the capsule (original- the color is white with small brown and black particles in it. Fake- the color is a dusty pink with small black particles in it)
ii. The print on the inserts (original- the flame on the gold logo is visible. Fake- the flame on the gold logo is hardly visible.)
Finally, should you have any doubts as to the veracity of The Secret Fat Burner in your possession, please send them a message email to:


Here are 8 ways you can identify fake other supplements from the original ones


Check labels

Do your research first, fake supplements have Irregular fonts On their packaging, spelling mistakes, misaligned logos, wrong colors, and even wrong tagline


Nutrition label

Fake supplements have some ingredients listed which aren’t actually into the original supplements do your research about the supplements about what ingredients do they use. If something is extra in it or if something is missing then the supplement is fake.


Check the seal

The product is fake if there is no seal. The seal on the lid of the fake ones is loose and of poor quality. The seal on the bottle of fake ones is irregular or loosely attached. The original seal has brand-name endorsed on it. if it is plain or light it is a fake supplement



Most popular brands have a 3D hologram which is difficult to forge. Check how the original supplier hologram looks like from their website.


Lot no. Verification

Some company provides online services for verifying Lot number and in some, you can call their customer service center and tell them your lot number check the authenticity of your product the fake ones would have the incorrect lot no.


Taste, smell, color, and mixability

  • Fake supplements are hard to dissolve in water, you need to give a very good shake in the shaker to get it mixed, original ones are mixed easily


  • Original supplements Are smooth in texture whereas fake ones have an irregular texture.


  • Fake supplements have a pungent smell and a bad aftertaste.


Side effects

If you experience acne on your back or arms and hair fall, there are chances that the supplement which you are consuming is fake.

Fake Supplements Aren’t there to help you lose weight or improve your muscle mass, their focus is on making the smugglers rich! They not only have a tight effect on your pocket but also harm your Health!

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