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Substance abuse- refers to the harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs. Psychoactive substance use can lead to dependence syndrome – a cluster of behavioral, cognitive, and physiological phenomena that develop after repeated substance use and that typically include a strong desire to take the drug, difficulties in controlling its use, persisting in its use despite harmful consequences, a higher priority given to drug use than to other activities and obligations, increased tolerance, and sometimes a physical withdrawal state.

Substance Abuse Evaluation: are interview screenings which may be self-administered or administered by a physician or clinician, family member, parent, friend, or coworker. It involves a series of substance abuse assessment questions or substance abuse evaluation questions which help identify warning signs of substance abuse. Some indicators may be frequency of use (i.e. daily, monthly, or yearly) or duration of use (i.e. how long abuse may have occurred). There are many different kinds of drug and alcohol assessment template, with slight differences between them.  Most of them have been researched with thousands of participants so that there can be a relatively accurate and reliable outcome. These templates serve as assessment tools for addiction counselors and professionals .

Click Here to Download Template 1 : Substance Abuse Assessment Template Pdf

Document Credit : Developed by Cynthia Glidden-Tracey, Ph.D.


Click Here to Download Template 2: PACT- Comprehensive Assessment Template

Document Credit : Washington State PACT (WA-PACT)


Click Here to Download Template 3:  Substance Abuse Assessment Form Free Download

Document Credit : EAP Consultants LLC



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