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Snoring can ruin bedroom chemistry and turn a romantic get-away into a nightmare. Many couples have become “separated” due to unbearable snoring tendencies of a partner, choosing to live apart or sleep in separate bedrooms. Globally around 30% of adults worldwide snore and as much as 50% of individuals in some demography’s also snore.



 What is Snoring?


Snoring is caused by the inability of inhaled air to move within the airways without obstruction. The narrowing of the airways of the nose and throat causes the surrounding tissues to vibrate producing an unpleasant noise.


Factors that Influence Snoring

Excess Weight

Being overweight can cause you to snore while asleep because extra weight also means extra throat tissue, large adenoids, enlarge tonsil and long uvula.


Sleeping Position

How you sleep could determine whether you snore or not. Studies have shown that

People who sleep on their side (lateral position) are less likely to snore as compared with those who sleep on their back (supine position)


Stage Of Sleep

Snoring is more predominant in the 3rd and 4th stages of sleep otherwise known as the deeper stages of sleep.


Allergies / Cold or flu

Being highly sensitive to aerosols and allergens or anything that obstruct the free flow of air in the airways can worsen snoring.



Alcohol is a muscle relaxant as such consuming alcohol could make the throat muscles relax increasing the likelihood of snoring.



Medications that relaxes the muscles can also increase the tendency to snore. Examples; Diazepam and Lorazepam


How to Stop Snoring

 Orthopedic Pillows

Orthopedic pillows are designed to ensure the jaw stays open and slightly forward by providing support for head and neck.


A non-randomized trial involving 30 patients showed that pseudoephedrine, domperidone, can help in cases of severe snoring.

Changing Sleeping Position

As stated earlier sleeping on the back has been shown to increase likelihood of snoring as such sleeping laterally can reduce snoring and promote good sleep

Weight Loss

If gaining weight can make you start snoring, losing weight can also help you breathe more properly and prevent you from snoring.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol will continue to relax your muscles which will in turn worsen your snoring. Studies have shown that drinking alcohol 4-5 hours before sleeping makes snoring worse,

Open The Air Ways

Keeping the airways open and free from obstructive tendencies is one sure way to stop snoring. Menthol containing ointment and eucalyptus oil has be shown to be helpful in this regard.

Anti Snoring Straps & Devices

Several strapping and mouth device have been developed .They prevent snoring by improving airflow.

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