Reminder about sexual health for lesbian couples

Being a lesbian doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about your sexual health. Everybody should take good care of their private parts, even singles who don’t have sex often, because sexual health isn’t just about STDs. Yes, STDs are scary, they completely change your life, but regular visits to the gynecologist are a must for every lady regardless of STDs. We’ll mention those guidelines below, so pay attention if you want to stay healthy.

We’ll start by pointing out the difficulties single lesbians face when choosing partners. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll surely remember those difficulties with a smile on your face.


Difficulties in choosing a partner for lesbians

Lesbians have all the fun – if they can find partners. Seeking partners is harder for gay ladies than for straight girls. The famous ”gay radar” can be a big help, but sometimes it fools you, so you end up looking like a fool. Every lesbian has been in that awkward situation. You meet a girl. She looks like she’s totally gay, you approach her to find out she’s there waiting for her boyfriend. Casual lesbians still stay with her to make her company until her boyfriend comes, that’s the best solution for that unpleasant situation. But a lot of gay ladies run away to pick up smithereens of their confidence. It’s understandable, nobody likes to be rejected, and that situation is even worse than rejection because you never had a chance. If you want to approach a girl without risking embarrassment like that – you can do 1 of 2 things. Go to lesbian bars or sign up for a lesbian dating site. If you want to try new dating or lesbian hookup then don’t forget about safety precautions, both psychological and safety measures. Everybody is gay there, so you can feel safe and show your confidence.

Homophobia is another thing you most likely won’t find in gay bars or on lesbian dating sites. We don’t have to tell you how rude and cruel people can be. Yes, the world is evolving. Most of the people are accepting gays; most of the people have at least one friend that’s gay (male or female). Still, the loud minority is not ashamed to call you names, mock you, or ask weird questions. You shouldn’t be bothered by those primitive people, don’t let them control your behavior. It can have terrible consequences for your mental health. If you want to kiss your girl in public, in front of everybody – do it. Hold hands, whisper in her ear. Do whatever you want, don’t pay attention to those couple of primitive people who’ll give you a weird look.

Being free to express yourself plays a big role in preserving mental health. Homophobia isn’t the only thing that can hurt you. Stereotypes about lesbians are like weird cousins of homophobia. Every homophobe has them, but a lot of normal, open-minded people have them too. While homophobes want to hurt you, friendly people with stereotypes don’t do it on purpose. They do it because of ignorance. Talk with them, if they are somebody close to you, so they can understand you better. That will set you free. They won’t point at every girl in flannel-like she’s your dream partner. You’ll be able to find your partners freely while going out with your friends. That brings us to another difficulty lesbians face while looking for partners.

If you aren’t living in some mega-city with millions of people, the chances are that you know the lesbian community pretty well. That happens in big cities too because girls usually hang out at the same places all the time. Sooner or later every lesbian feels like she knows every other lesbian in her area. Awful feeling, like there, is nobody for you out there. Lesbian dating sites are a solution for that because you can meet girls outside of your city. You don’t have to restrict yourself just to your area, either. Lesbian dating sites are popular worldwide so you might meet somebody who’ll travel with you. That’s called widening the views.


Lesbian women’s health

In the previous paragraph, we talked about the difficulties lesbians have while seeking partners. Those problems can lead to mental health issues, but lesbians (and everybody else) should take care of mental and physical health. We’ll point out some conditions lesbians are more likely to face than straight girls.

That might surprise you, but obesity is a big problem for lesbian ladies. The worst thing is – it rarely comes on its own. Being overweight is connected to all kinds of conditions, from weak joints to heart diseases and cancers. Causes of obesity can be traced to mental health issues. Some girls who can’t find partners or can’t take all the rude comments find food comfort. Of course, there are different causes for gaining a lot of weight, but most lesbians do it because food makes them feel good. That is the case with straight obese people too.

Another scientific research, another surprise. Did you know that lesbians have bigger chance of developing breast cancer? At first, it makes no sense. Cancer can’t know if you are straight or lesbian, that’s true. But scientists gave a simple explanation. Most gay girls don’t visit doctors as often as straight girls. Regular mammograms help in discovering cancer in an early stage. They are life-savers, don’t skip them.

Alcoholism is another big problem for lesbians according to the research. The same problems as obesity can cause it. Most of the time, alcohol is a sanctuary where girls hide from the cruel world. Don’t let that happen. Face your problems. Since we’re talking about problems lesbians have, we must mention some sex-related tips.


Safe sex for lesbian women (latex whips, gloves, and fingertips, condoms)

Having no penis in play might look like a solution for STDs, and it might seem that lesbian sex is always safe. If you think that’s true – you can’t be more wrong. The sad thing is that some health care providers assume that too. So when you visit a doctor next time – be honest. Tell him what you use and with whom. Lesbians in long-term relationships have lower risks of getting STDs (if both of you are faithful, it’s almost impossible to get an STD). Still, it’s not impossible. Lesbians use a lot of toys in the bedroom. Some couples lend their equipment to their friends. That’s not so wise, but if you’re gonna do it – carefully clean everything after it’s returned to you. Girls who changed a lot of sexual partners should be very careful when it comes to using toys.

Latex whips are a favorite toy for many girls, but they can be dangerous. Yes, you like that burning pain, that’s fine. But if the whip cuts the skin and gets bloody, it becomes a potential disease-spreading tool. And sometimes you don’t even see that one little drop of blood. The next girl comes, you whip her, she whips you. Both of you can get a disease from the blood of your previous partner. Gloves, fingertips, dildos, vibrators, strap-ons – all the things lesbians use to have fun in the bedroom. All full of fun. All potentially full of diseases. How? Simple. Just remember where all of those toys go. Yes, you’re right. They go everywhere. There is nothing wrong with being naughty. Everybody likes naughty girls. Naughty girls who know how important cleaning their toys are even more popular. Sometimes you have amazing sex, so you don’t think about cleaning your favorite dildo, that’s normal. But make sure you clean it after every use. Not just dildos, all of your equipment. It will keep you and your partners healthy.


Necessary regular medical examinations by a gynecologist

We’ve mentioned that lesbians tend to skip regular visits to doctors, by doing that, you’re risking your life. Regular visits to the gynecologist should be a must for every girl, regardless of sexual orientation. If you don’t change sexual partners more often than panties and you’re careful – you should be fine. But visiting a gynecologist at least once a year can save you from a lot of pain. Some STDs take a lot of time to develop. Some don’t have severe symptoms, so you might have them without knowing it. Don’t play with your health. Take it seriously to enjoy your life for a long time.

Hopefully, this article helped you to realize what are the enemies of health for lesbians. The main rules you should follow are: don’t let the opinions of primitive people bother you, clean your equipment, visit doctors regularly, and be honest while you’re there. Don’t change too many sexual partners. If you’re going to do it, try to avoid using their toys because you don’t know when was the last time they cleaned them. As long as you do all of that, you should be fine. Good luck, ladies, have fun.

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