MK Penis Enlargement Oil Side Effects

MK Penis enlargement Oil is conceived to directly load androstenedione (the testosterone/estrogen precursor), and other therapeutic herbs to the penile tissues and cells. This will assist rejuvenate the neuro-arterial synapses for cell regeneration, girth and increase in size of the penis. Ayurvedic herbs that have been revealed to authority the brain and neuroendocrine activities can show to be tremendously helpful and ease soreness from penis bend.

MK Penis oil acts on the locally skin, and also on the inner layer as well as the skin sub layer. The skin sub layer is with capillaries and veins. Penis Oil acts on this layer of the skin from outside in as it gets absorbed. The penile spongy-structure tissues avert the Penis Oil from piercing into the core of the two penile cylinders. It necessitates a harder erection for the Penis Oil to get into the core of the penile cylinders.

The vacant hollow spaces in the spongy tissues are the obstruction of the chemical diffusion (penetration) for the Big Penis Oil. Substantial filling the spongy tissues with blood will allow the MK Penis Oil ingredients to disperse into the core for curative action and thickning and lenght of the penis.


Side Effects MK Penis Enlargement Oil

The main ingredient in MK Penis enlargement Oil is Maca, Epimedium, Sea Urchin Extract , Cinnamon, Fennel, and Rosemary.

Epimedium may cause upset stomach and dry mouth. In some, horny goat weed may result in irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, nosebleeds, and mood changes. High doses have been linked to spasms and respiratory failure. Maca is not currently associated with any health risks in most people and is unlikely to cause any side effects in moderate doses. However, due to its effect on hormones, people with thyroid problems should avoid taking maca.

Sea urchin another major ingredient is a source of protein, which is used by many as an aphrodisiac. Considered a relatively low calorie food, it is also a source of omega-3 fatty acids. However there is scarcity of studies to confirm its safety or otherwise as majority of the studies dwelled on the  injuries by sea urchin can cause by contact to spines, which can create the various complications such as granuloma, synovitis, arthritis, edema, hyperkeratosis and even neuroma. Cinnamon the fourth major ingredient is one of the most delicious and healthiest spices on the planet. It can lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors and has a plethora of other impressive health benefits. However, it can may cause liver damage, increase the risk of cancer, mouth sores, low blood sugar, breathing problems and interact with certain medications.

Fennel may cause sun poisoning, skin reactions, and cross reactions. The oil may cause hallucinations and seizures. Similarly Rosemary oil another major component is safe for most people when applied to the skin for medicinal purposes. However, it might cause allergic reactions in some people.


In addition to being largely ineffective according to studies, Most penis enlargement products may also be harmful. Many of the ingredients found in over-the-counter “natural male enhancement” supplements can cause unpleasant side effects and lead to potential complications.

You shouldn’t use any product containing:

  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). DHEA is a steroid that naturally occurs in your body. But using DHEA supplements can increase your risk of cancer, lower good cholesterol levels, and affect your mental health.


  • Pregnanolone. This is another naturally occurring compound. But there’s no research to support pregnanolone for use in penis enlargement. It may also negatively affect your mental health.


  • Catuaba bark extract. This ingredient has shown some promise  as an antidepressant, but no research indicates that it has any effect on your penis.


  • Hawthorn berry. This ingredient has some use  as a treatment for heart disease, but it’s not proven to help with penis enlargement. Taking too much can cause dizziness, nausea, and dangerous interactions with cardiovascular medications.

Some ingredients can improve your sexual health — they just won’t make your penis bigger.

If you’re open to other benefits, look for an oil or supplement containing:

  • L-arginine. Older research suggests that this amino acid can reduce erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms and make your erections firmer, but the jury’s out on how effective it truly is. Some research suggests it’s no better than a placebo.


  • Panax ginseng. This herb is thought to  improve erectile response in people with ED by relaxing certain muscles around the penile tissues. A recent study validates ginseng as a safe, effective method of improving erection hardness.


  • Citrulline. This organic compound has been found to be a reliable treatment for mild-to-moderate cases of ED by making erections firmer.


  • L-carnitine. L-carnitine is known to help increase your sperm count, as well as sperm motility. This can improve your chances of getting your partner pregnant.


  • Gingko biloba. A study conducted on women found that  gingko biloba may help with sexual arousal by stimulating blood flow and improving sexual function. This effect primarily occurred when participants combined supplementation with sex therapy.

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