Fake Mary Kay Foundation

In 1963, beauty by Mary Kay opened its first shop with one foundation, four skincare products, since then Mary Kay Inc. has empowered women while changing the world of business. However, the proliferation of fake cosmetics has prevented many women from reaping the benefits of an original Mary Kay product. “Counterfeit makeup often contains known carcinogens arsenic, beryllium, and cadmium,” says Dr. Bobby Buka, a dermatologist in New York City and a contributing founder and chief science officer of the First Aid Beauty skincare line. “It also has an alarming number of potentially infection-causing bacteria that can lead to scarring, burning, and disfigurement.

Aside from the obvious health risks that counterfeit cosmetics pose to consumers, fake makeup also represents considerable legal risks – especially in the new age of e-commerce. Given the mammoth financial opportunities counterfeit makeup offers, it’s no wonder that counterfeiters are taking advantage of this growing market. Although precise figures for black market sales are hard to come by, Statista reported that the counterfeit cosmetic and personal care industry cost retailers €1.9bn in 2015 alone. According to Red Points’ 2018 research, social media contributes to over 50% of counterfeit cosmetic sales. Facebook alone constitutes a whopping 42.1% of those counterfeit sales (with eBay and Instagram following suit at 30.4% and 9.2% respectively).

How to Spot Fake Mary Kay Foundation

As usual, the shade of the pink used in fake product package is different, the words are printed differently, the pink bar is of different shades, and the foundation shade number and code are printed differently as well. I recommend that before you buy any Mary Kay product, insist that the product is tested on you first. Once applied on your skin, don’t pay for it yet, remain in the store and while away time by window shopping (just look for some excuse to wait for 10 minutes ) because the foundation starts to itch about ten minutes after application. It’s very important to identify and use original products on your skin. A lot of ladies experience skin burns because of their constant application of fake products. Our skin is our pride so it’s important we take good care of it. ORIGINAL MARY KAY FOUNDATION. ONCE AGAIN, THE PINK BAR IS A SHADE LIGHTER. Please compare


Fake Mary Kay Foundation


Please note: Some stores mix their fake and original products and sell all at the same price, it is left for you to know which is which. I really hope this helps in creating more awareness about the identification of fake and original mary kay products.

Fake Mary Kay Foundation



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