How Long Does Manic Panic Last

Manic Panic is a line of cosmetic hair coloring, based in New York and owned by sister musicians Tish and Eileen “Snooky” Bellomo. They opened and operated the original Manic Panic boutique in Manhattan from 1977 until its closure in 1999, when the business was relocated to Long Island City.

Manic Panic Hair Color is a 100% vegan, cruelty-free semi-permanent hair color! According to the company, each color is non-damaging and has been fortified with conditioners that add moisture to hair.


 How do I color my hair with manic panic?

Since Manic Panic does not damage or lift hair, the base color is essential to the end result. For best results, you will want to achieve at least a level 7+ blonde for many of their shades prior to coloring and a level 10+ for pastel and Neon/UV shades.

Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo like the Prepare To Dye Clarifying Shampoo (do not condition) and blow-dry until fully dry!

Gather your supplies! Get a t-shirt (that you don’t mind getting color on), gloves, Color, mixing bowl, tint brush, towel, dye away wipes, and coconut oil (or other protective cream) for your hairline, and set up your spot! Make sure to be careful to avoid splattering dye on any porous surfaces.

Perform a strand test and patch test.

Apply Manic Panic Hair Color evenly and fully saturate your strands making sure to work in small sections.

Cover hair with a plastic cap (not necessary but can help with processing and clean up).

Use a hairdryer to apply heat to your hair for part of the processing time (not necessary but can ensure hair follicles are primed for best absorption).

Leave color on for 30 minutes or longer. Since Manic Panic is non-damaging, you can leave it on for an hour or more!

Rinse hair color with cold running water (making sure to avoid your eyes and face). Shampoo and conditioner are unnecessary since Manic Panic® acts as a conditioner while it’s in, but we like to use our conditioner for added softness and shine. Make sure to rinse thoroughly over the sink (but be mindful of where you rinse as it can stain porous surfaces)! To ensure most shades are adequately rinsed, rinse until the water runs almost clear.

Towel and/or blow dry hair (make sure to use a dark-colored towel to avoid staining).  Style as usual. Take on the world.

However, results will vary depending on many factors (the health of your hair, other colors applied previously, hair care routine, etc.).

This product should not be used for dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes. If eye contact does occur, rinse immediately with warm water and contact a physician. Please, always conduct a patch and strand test to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction to the product and that the hair color will appear on your hair the way you’d like it to.

Maintain color by washing with a sulfate-free color-safe shampoo & conditioner, using cool water. The more often you wash, the faster the color will fade out so try to use dry shampoo in-between washes to prolong the life of your color.


How long does Manic Panic really last?

In general, Classic High Voltage can last up to 6 weeks on pre-lightened blonde hair. Amplified™ can last up to 8 weeks on pre-lightened blonde hair. Creamtone and pastel shades (like Blue Steel™), typically last 2-3 weeks on platinum blonde hair.


Does Manic Panic come out completely?

Manic Panic High Voltage Semi-Permanent Hair Color lasts for a few weeks or more and fades out gradually, but is also conditioning so it can be refreshed as often as you would like to keep the color always looking bright!


Is it dangerous to color my hair during pregnancy?

Since Manic Panic is non-damaging with no harsh chemicals, you should be able to color your hair in theory but you will need to contact your doctor regarding this just to be safe! And of course, you may develop allergies during pregnancy you don’t normally have so you’ll want to do a patch and strand test prior to coloring if you get the okay.


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