Health Websites In Nigeria

In Nigeria Tv, radio, newspapers and magazines, and most recently the Internet is the major important sources of health care information. Health information is readily available from reputable sources such as government sites, condition-specific sites, support organisation sites, and medical journals. Evaluating health information can be extremely useful, but this can be difficult because health information is constantly changing as a result of new research and because there may be different valid approaches to treating particular conditions. Health websites in Nigeria provide useful health information that helps the population make informed decisions about their health. The Top Health website in Nigeria are:

Nigeria Health Watch is a leading health website in Nigeria, it uses informed advocacy and communication to influence health policy and seek better health and access to healthcare in Nigeria. They seek to amplify some of the great work happening in the health sector, challenge the bad, and create a space for positive ideas and action. Through its various platforms, Nigeria Health Watch provides informed commentary and in-depth analysis of health issues in Nigeria, always in good conscience. They are not afraid to take on the difficult topics that many commentators choose to ignore.


Public Health Nigeria is an Interdisciplinary public health movement focused on health education, advancing fair public health policies, promoting fitness, healthy diets, responsible behavior, community health, and general wellbeing. They are a network of individuals and organizations with a lifetime commitment to serving humanity by volunteering during disasters, actively drawing attention to public health /safety hazards within communities, and assisting the medically disadvantaged.


25 Doctors: is owned and operated by 25 Doctors LLC. The brand was founded in October 2015 with the goal of being a credible source of health information. We started by sharing viral health facts on social media. Later, we launched this website to expand our reach. Their team is made up of seasoned professionals who work together to ensure that you have the most accurate and relevant health information in the palm of your hand.


Medical World Nigeria: Nigeria’s leading independent health and medical news website. They offer on their site, Medical News/updates, Jobs, Events, Seminars, and upcoming Medical conferences.


Sound Health Doctor: is an online health and fitness blog dedicated to bringing you the highest quality health and medical related information on the internet. The blog has received a lot of great reviews in recent times because it offers quality content on health topics. Founded in 2016, the blog has a lot of authors from all over the world and has really gotten a lot of fans on social media.

Health Websites In Nigeria

How To Spot Fake Health News

Fake health news can do real harm. Here’s how to spot the difference between false stories and verified information.

Sniff out the lies

Sometimes, an item on the internet that is stylized to look like real news is actually made up. This issue has gotten a lot of attention lately, with accusations that the Russian government interfered in the U.S. election by spreading fake news online. So how to spot fake news? It comes down to a gut check.

Root out not-so-obvious industry funding: In 2015, The New York Times blog post revealed that the Global Energy Balance, a nonprofit aimed at promoting exercise, was funded in part by Coca-Cola. The group did indicate its funding in fine print on the website, although the Times reported that the company’s relationship with the nonprofit was not initially disclosed.

Pay attention to personal gain: Big corporations aren’t the only entities to seek financial gain from shared information. The internet is rife with health gurus who, coincidentally, sell the lifestyles they tout.

Take note of industry funding: Some of the research is laughable. Take this excerpt from a press release from an industry group: “Children and adolescents who eat pasta have better overall diet quality, new research shows.”You wouldn’t expect much else from a study publicized, and funded, by the National Pasta Association.

Beware wonky statistics: People go to school for years to understand this branch of mathematics, so it’s no wonder the everyday consumer can feel overwhelmed trying to sort it all out. But understanding just a few statistical concepts can help weed out good information from bad.

Fight confirmation bias

Confirmation bias happens when you’ve made up your mind about an issue and stop collecting any more information on it, or you discount information that conflicts with your worldview while embracing information that agrees with it. Getting information from trustworthy websites that carefully interpret multiple lines of evidence is also a good way to avoid falling prey to confirmation bias.



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