Best Hospitals To Treat Prostate Cancer

The prostate is a nut-sized gland, a place of production and storage of sperm. Prostate cancer is the most common malignant neoplasm diagnosed in men. According to statistics, every 100th representative of the strong gender over 60 suffers from it. Prostate cancer is not just a dangerous but insidious disease. It may not show any signs in the initial stages but is prone to rapid metastasis. Therefore, prostate cancer patients are increasingly going abroad to seek better medical care. Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Israel, Poland, and Spain are the most popular destinations.

Effective methods of prostate cancer treatment abroad

Modern oncology treatment abroad is reduced in several ways. Some of them involve an integrated approach. The most challenging is to remove the prostate gland. Despite the severity of the operation, such treatment allows for maintaining potency. Urination normalizes after a few weeks.

As a rule, in prostate cancer treatment, a combined method is used, including the effect on the tumor and the body as a whole:

  • immunotherapy;
  • hormone therapy;
  • chemotherapy;

Alternative treatment methods and innovative technologies are perfectly applicable to elderly patients, as well as to advanced cancer forms:

  • radiosurgery;
  • CyberKnife;
  • GammaKnife;

In the most challenging cases, when the disease is too much started, the photodynamic method of tumor treatment has proven itself well. This method uses particular photosensitive drugs and a laser. An important point for men is the preservation of sexual function after treatment.

Lutetium 177: new in prostate cancer

The most advanced treatment for prostate cancer is lutetium 177 PSMA therapy. Treatment consists of a point effect on the tumor by radiation of the isotope lutetium-177-PSMA. Cancer cells have on their surface a large number of receptors for a unique protein — prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA).

The radioactive substance attaches to the PSMA molecule, which finds cancer cells. When approaching them, lutetium decays into beta particles. They irradiate a cancer cell and tear its DNA. At the same time, the zone of radioactive radiation does not exceed 1 millimeter. As a result, the drug destroys the primary tumor and distant metastases.

The main advantage of Lutetium 177, along with radiotherapy and surgery, is a minimum of side effects. The technique is actively used in the best prostate cancer hospitals in Germany, Poland, and Israel.

Best Hospitals To Treat Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer treatment in Germany

Germany is known worldwide for first-class medicine. Therefore, many patients undergo prostate removal in Germany. Best hospitals for prostate cancer treatment demonstrate impressive results :

  • Hospital of Goethe-University of Frankfurt-am-Main;
  • University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich;
  • University Hospital Charite Berlin;
  • University Hospital Ludwig-Maximilians Munich;
  • Beta Clinic Bonn.

German doctors know all methods of surgical treatment of prostate cancer. Still, they place particular emphasis on robot-assisted operations. Patients also choose Ulm University Clinic, Bremen-Mitte Clinic, and Asklepios Barmbek Clinic for prostate cancer treatment.

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Poland

Poland is a relatively new point on the map of medical tourism. Today, tens of thousands of foreign patients apply to the country’s hospitals because they provide high-quality medical services at adequate prices. One of the most famous Polish clinics is Gamma Knife Center in Warsaw. Based in the hospital, an oncology center provides patients with a complete cycle of oncological care, including diagnostics, the latest methods of treatment, and rehabilitation.

Medical treatment in Poland with innovative linear accelerators directs a hefty radiation dose to the tumor. That gives a chance to destroy the maximum number of cancer cells and minimize the impact on healthy ones.

Such best hospitals for prostate cancer surgery in Poland also demonstrate excellent results in the treatment of prostate cancer:

  • Krakow University Hospital;
  • Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Institute of Oncology in Warsaw;
  • Lublin Oncology Center;
  • KCM Clinic.

Prostate cancer treatment in Spain

According to WHO, Spain is among the TOP 10 countries with the best healthcare system worldwide. Therefore, many patients come here hoping to receive qualified medical care. One of Spain’s best hospitals to treat prostate cancer is the Teknon Clinic. A large Cancer Institute operates based on the hospital, the structure of which includes, among other things, a specialized department of prostate tumors.

The department provides a comprehensive treatment of prostate cancer with excellent remission rates among patients. That was made possible thanks to the extensive experience of the team of specialists and the use of the latest treatment methods, in particular, robotic surgery. Also, such hospitals in Spain are engaged in the treatment of prostate cancer:

  • University Clinic of Navarra;
  • Hospital Quironsalud Barcelona;
  • University Clinic Quiron Madrid.

How to choose a clinic for the treatment of prostate cancer

The quality of treatment is influenced by the experience of the doctor and the availability to the patient of all modern methods of diagnosis and treatment:

  • Specialized cancer centers in countries with advanced medicine demonstrate the best success rates of prostate cancer treatment — 98%. New diagnostic methods quickly and accurately detect the illness and predict its development.
  • The recurrence risk, the operation’s trauma, and the rehabilitation duration depend on the surgeon’s experience. Erectile dysfunction and impaired urination after surgery develop in less than 25% of patients.
  • Non-surgical methods of treatment are also available in leading hospitals, without incisions and rehabilitation, by visiting the clinic for just a few hours.
  • Modern immuno- and hormonal therapy preparations have made it possible without surgical castration. Such drugs have fewer side effects, and the body’s addiction takes much longer, which makes it possible to continue taking medications in low doses.

Prostate cancer treatment abroad provides maximum opportunities for each patient. AiroMedical selects the best hospitals based on the availability of the most advanced techniques: HIFU, TOOKAD, CyberKnife, Lutetium-177 PSMA, and Actinium-225.

An integrated approach and a combination of several techniques give a high chance of recovery. Trusting their health to professionals, patients receive the most modern, highly effective, and comfortable treatment.




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