Things Parents Should Be Aware Of On Their Children's Feet

Your child’s feet might be the most used part of their body and since they are still developing, they are still very delicate, and sometimes they are the most taken care of. We rarely check if it’s a source of pain or discomfort and just rely upon topical products and a good night’s sleep. Or worse, we don’t even check it.

And that’s why we talk about our child’s foot care more often. Checking their body frequently is only necessary but we should give special attention to their feet, as taking care of them at such a young age will allow them to have a strong pair that will support them throughout their life.

And will that Parents please listen up! Here are some of the things that you should be aware of and keep an eye out for things on your kid’s feet, taking care of these will keep their feet in perfect shape!


Growing Pains

There are a lot of physical changes that can occur to your child in such a short period of time. This occurrence is what we call a growth spurt. While this is perfectly normal for children, the process can be painful, too.

As they grow, their bodies will try to keep up too. And most of the time it’s their legs and feet that take the toll since it supports the entire body. In addition to that, kids love to run and jump as part of their play. These activities can surely add stress and pressure to their lower extremities. So when your kid goes through a growth spurt and they talk about feeling pain, don’t ignore it and ask where they feel pain. Give them a light massage and stretching to ease their pain.

However if the pain becomes too much for your kid to bear, you should bring them to a children’s podiatry Melbourne service that is available for a proper assessment.



Children that suffer from intoeing are also called pigeon-toed. And there are a lot of different reasons why intoeing happens to your child, depending on their age. But one thing is for sure: there is always a link between their hips, knees, and feet.

If you’re concerned about your childrens’ intoeing, you can have them checked at a podiatry clinic. During your appointment, you will be asked about your pregnancy, delivery, and your child’s physical development, so that the podiatrist can have a better understanding of how your child is experiencing intoeing.



Tiptoeing or toe walking can be the result of development issues in your kid. Toe walking is also often linked to cerebral palsy, autism, and muscular dystrophy. If your child walks without their heel touching the ground, expect that they will have some pain or tightness in their calf muscles. This can also be treated by stretching and some night splints. But in extreme cases, some children might even undergo surgery.


Increased Tripping

Tripping is normal, especially for kids. When they’re running and playing and having the time of their lives, they might sometimes take a step using the wrong foot, step on something uneven, or simply lose their balance. But if tripping happens way too often, then that might be a problem. Increased tripping can happen because of weak or undeveloped muscles, and flexible joints that fail to support the body efficiently.


Ingrown Nails

There are multiple reasons why ingrown nails can grow on your kid’s toes. A heavy object probably propped on their nail, or nails, or even having it cut incorrectly, or their shoes might be too narrow, or too small for their size. While ingrown nails are uncommon in children, you still have to be on the lookout for them because these can cause a lot of pain to your kids.

And when your kids have ingrown nails, they are more susceptible to infection. So never brush it off when your kid complains about their nails. It’s best that you visit a podiatrist immediately so they can check and treat your child’s toes. These are only some of the examples of what to watch out for in your kid’s feet. Once you have seen the signs in your child, it’s best that you do something about it immediately.

While light massages and home remedies can help ease the discomfort and pain, going to a podiatry clinic is the better option. This is the only way your kid’s feet will be assessed properly and treated immediately.


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