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Polls have opened  to gauge the feelings and opinions of Nigerians and friends of Nigeria on the continuous absence of President Mohamadu Buhari as a result of an extended medical vacation to take care of his failing health which has continued to deteriorate since he assumed office on May 29th 2015.

The confusion stems from the inability of the presidency to disclose the nature of the president’s sickness a common practice in matured democracies and a major demand of the current government when they were in opposition.

As spokesman of the Action Congress of Nigeria , Alhaji Lai Mohammed the current minister of information had lambasted the then ailing President Yar’adua for not disclosing the nature of his ailment and demanding for a daily briefing or update on the presidents condition.


The crisis assumed an international dimension on Sunday when Cable news network (CNN) an international media outlet with headquarters in Atlanta joined the debate on the whereabouts of president Buhari. In the latest edition of its program “The Global Public Square (GPS)”, aired on Sunday July 30th 2017 and anchored by its host Fareed Zakaria the news medium asked which head of state has not set foot in his homeland in over two months? The options which included Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Nigeria and Syria was a clear attempt by the news organization to draw attention to the continuous absence of the president from the country.



Owing to the confusing and debate over the nature of Buhari’s ailment and how long he will be away, Public Health Nigeria has launched an online poll to gauge the opinions of Nigerians and friends of Nigeria on the health crisis of the President.


Although the All progressives congress  campaigned extensively against medical tourism  in the lead  up to the general elections in  2015, as the current the ruling party the APC has so far failed to live up to those  earlier promises. Despite huge budgetary allocations to the State House clinic top government functionaries including the president have continued to patronize foreign hospitals.

The poll which we are currently hosing on this site www.publichealth.com.ng asked pollsters to answer a question from 3 options


The poll when completed is expected to reveal what Nigerian’s really think about the current crisis of the nation’s leader.

NB: For mobile devices  the poll is the last item on the home page ( scroll down to get to the poll) for desktops and

laptops the poll is located or the right hand side of the home page www.publichealth.com.ng


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    1. I pray for our President, he mean well. On the other hand, we need to be honest to Ourselves in this country.

  1. Its a public issue and he should fully disclose what ailment it is. His continued stay in UK is at the expense of tax payers.

  2. It is a Public issue, he should disclose the ailment….We have the right to know the mental and physical well-being of someone saddled with the responsibility of leading a nation of over 120 million people.

  3. It’s a public issue, is it not tax pay’s money he is using. is he not d President of Nigeria or is the President of himself, family and his cable. Nigeria miss it with this man.

  4. It is public issue and Nigerians deserve to know what he is suffering from.
    In short he should resign and focus on his fragile health.

  5. N0. 2 . The day President Muhammadi Buhari took the oath to become the president of Nigeria his life and most that happens around him ; his health state inclusive , becomes no longer a secret for himself and his immediate family.
    In essence, his state of health as well as the type of ailment must be made known to all Nigerians since the payment for his treatment is made from tax payers money , myself inclusive.

  6. It’s a public issue. We deserve a right to know wat d ailment dat is draining tax payers money is….

  7. Mr. president is public servant, so he has to make his aliment open for the public unless he chooses to turn from public servant to private servant.

  8. It is public issue, he should as a matter of urgency disclose his health status, and cause of sickness..

    Failure to do so amounts to corruption. Trying to deceive the led.

  9. It is public issue, he should as a matter of urgency disclose his health status, and cause of sickness.

  10. It’s a public issue o. He should be ashamed of himself after so much ado about them president Yar’adua.

  11. it is a public issues and Nigerians have the right to know the health status of her president after all its our tax money that its been used to pay his bills.

  12. 2. It should be made public! If he wanted a private life, he should have stayed clear of the highest political office in the country.

  13. It is a Public issue, he should disclose the ailment. If truly Buhari is a man of dignity, as he claims, he would have resigned for long. He’s causing us a lot of damages: both socially and financially.

  14. Mr President should declare his health status and resign from office. Government business must continue

  15. CNN where is the radio icon to pick from your options. Anyway, this is a public matter as our president has his obligations towards us. I am totally disatified with their lies and deceitful ways till the extent that i don’t give a damn anymore. If he ever cared for the country and his health, he should resign but the wrath of greed in his veins would never let him do that.


  16. He should definitely disclose his ailment. He is the president of a country for God’s sake. It is his responsibility and it behooves him to do so!

  17. I pray for my able president to returns home joyful,happily and reunite with his lovely and charitable family with love and long life…..thank you Mr president I see you coming home soon….I love you.

  18. Law of karma, the health issues of the president is a public issue, since the president is a public figure, hence, he doesn’t owe it to himself but should be declare to Nigerians. His remarks on late President YAR’ADUA in 2010 is still fresh in my memory. Let do the needful instead of over heating the polity

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