notifiable diseases

What is a Notifiable Disease?

notifiable disease refers to any disease that is required by law to be reported to government authorities. The collation of information on these diseases allows the health authorities to monitor the disease and provides early warning which is vital for the prevention of possible outbreaks.

How Should Notifiable Diseases Be Reported To Public Health Authorities?

Each country or state has specific protocols and or guidelines that identify specific diseases with public health implications, such as communicable diseases, which require mandatory reporting. If you are uncertain whether reporting is required or not it is often advised that you contact the local public health authority for clarifications and further guidance. Beyond this statutory or legal requirement lies the ethical question of when it is justified to potentially break the code of confidentiality to protect the public’s interest or health.

It is ethically justified and morally correct to disclose a diagnosis to public health authorities if the potential risk to the general public has the following characteristics:

  • The magnitude of the risk is serious.
  • The probability of risk is high.
  • The risk relates to an identifiable individual or group

Issues in Medicare and Public Health Ethics

Complete List Of Notifiable Diseases in Nigeria

Complete List Of Notifiable Diseases in Nigeria


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