Does Bitter kola increase your stamina

If there’s one bedroom topic that concerns men as much as size, it’s stamina. The Internet is filled with solutions for those who feel like they don’t have enough lasting power. But only some of them are worthwhile. How can you tell which are worth your interest and money?

According to one study that measured the performances of 1,587 men, the average time a man can maintain last is seven minutes. Men who suffer from ED, a diagnosable condition average two minutes. “Though not all men who want increased stamina would be diagnosed with ED, the treatment options are mostly the same.


What is Bitter Kola?

Bitter Kola also known as Garcinia kola is a specie of flowering plant in the Clusiaceae or Guttiferae family. It is found in Benin, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. Bitter kola is known in Yoruba language as Orogbo, in Hausa as Mijin-goro, and in Igbo as Akiilu. The mineral and phyto-chemical analysis of this plant revealed that the nutritional and medicinal health benefits of bitter kola are linked to the high levels of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and iron. The plant is also rich in vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, fiber, tannin, sapoium, phytic acid, phenol, Trypsin inhibitor, sterol, flavonoid, Alkaloid, oxalate, caffeine and Hydrogen cyanide.

Traditionally, the fruit, seeds, nuts and bark of the bitter kola plant have been used for centuries in herbal medicine to treat several ailments  due to their stimulating, astringent, draining, decongestant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, vaso-protective, lipolytic and a number of other properties. Traditional healers use bitter kola to treat  to improve several medical conditions for a short period. This nut might work for depressions, fatigue problems, atonic diarrhea, migraine, and in some other situations.

Bitter kola serves as remedy for Impotence (inability for a man to get and maintain an erection) which can impact a person’s ability to have satisfactory sexual intercourse anecdotal evidence suggests. The inability to sustain an erection can lead to a breakdown in relationships and cause embarrassment and depression. Studies have shown that when it comes to the improvement of sexual performance, especially among men, bitter kola comes first among nuts. Bitter Kola does not only increase drive, it also improves sperm count, promote fertility and enhance the  sexual performance of men who consume it. A study published in the African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, revealed that bitter kola supplementation significantly increased sexual behavior parameters with elevated aphrodisiac activity. The plant also boosts testosterone levels according to the study. Your testosterone levels are closely linked to your sexual function.

How To Use Bitter Kola To Last Longer In Bed

How To Use Bitter Kola To Last Longer In Bed

Traditional medicine considers bitter kola to be an aphrodisiac, so it’s believed to increase sexual desire, pleasure and performance. Bitter Kola does not only increase sex drive, it also improves the sexual performance of men who consume it. In other to be effective, it is advisable to chew 1 or 2 bitter kola at least one hour before intercourse, this will help you last longer.


Bitter kola side effects

Bitter kola can cause mouth cancer. According to researches, chewing kola nuts can lead to mouth or gastrointestinal cancer. Bitter kola is high in caffeine, that is why eating too much of this nut can be quite unhealthy. So you should be careful with the amount of nuts you eat. The product can be especially dangerous for people with cardio problems.

In addition, bitter kola can complicate glaucoma symptoms. Bitter kola is also not beneficial for diabetics because of its high caffeine content which may lower your insulin sensitivity. That means your cells don’t react to the hormone by as much as they once did. They don’t absorb as much sugar from your blood after you eat or drink. This causes your body to make more insulin, so you have higher levels after meals.

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