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Purple Xanax comes in various shapes and sizes from the round purple M A23, 2mg pill supplied by Mylan Pharmaceuticals to the purple 1mg Xanax pill produced by Pfizer. Irrespective of the shape, size or imprint, Xanax works by decreasing abnormal excitement in the brain. Benzodiazepines act on the brain and central nervous system (CNS) to produce a calming effect. The pill slows down the movement of brain chemicals that may have become unbalanced, resulting in a reduction in nervous tension and anxiety. Xanax works by boosting the effects of a natural chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is made in the brain.

The main effect of Xanax is feeling calmer. This effect can occur relatively quickly after the drug is taken. For people with anxiety disorders, taking Xanax can quickly offset the intense anxiety they experience (which can be debilitating). Xanax will make you feel calmer even if you do not have anxiety. This effect can attract people to misusing Xanax. The drug can also cause a pleasurable feeling or euphoria in some individuals, potentially contributing to abuse.


The Menace of Fake Purple Xanax Bars

Counterfeit Xanax pills can look exactly like the real thing. They may have the same color, size, shape, pharmaceutical markings, and imprint on the pill as the prescription ones do. While the difference may be unnoticeable to the naked eye, there is one stark difference between real and fake Xanax: the latter usually contains fentanyl, an extremely potent opioid that may cause an accidental overdose.

People who sell drugs don’t sell drugs because they enjoy breaking the law. They sell drugs because they want to earn a profit. As such, making drugs cheaper and more potent is a sure-fire way to generate more profit from a smaller amount of product. Thus comes the idea of counterfeit drugs – substances that are produced to look, feel, and taste like another substance, but contain any number of additional additives and toxins, and are able to be sold at a fraction of the price compared to the real thing.

The main problem with counterfeit drugs is that they are usually laced with extremely harmful substances, such as rat poison, bleach, formaldehyde, and/or fentanyl. Unfortunately, many drug users don’t recognize how dangerous abusing these types of substances really is. Let’s take a deeper look into fake Xanax pills, how they are made, and why they are so dangerous. Fake  pills found after overdoes in Grady County, are responsible for at least 10 deaths in the last five months and more people could be at risk.

In their latest report on fake online pharmacies that ply their trade in the United States, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) found more than 1,500 new websites that it considers “Not Recommended,” and of these, 31% are offering illicit prescription drugs, such as codeine, fentanyl, oxycodone, Adderall, Valium, and Xanax. Falsified medicines are often the business of criminal cartels. Fentanyl and heroin laced pills are responsible for most overdose deaths involving drugs that triggers highs. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent.


How to Spot Fake Purple Xanax Bars

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns that there are many rogue online pharmacies that claim to sell prescription medicines at deeply discounted prices, often without requiring a valid prescription. These Internet-based pharmacies often sell unapproved or counterfeit medicines outside the safeguards followed by licensed pharmacies.

These rogue sites often prominently display a Canadian flag, but may actually be operated by criminals from the other side of the globe with no connection to Canada. Medicines bought from these websites can be dangerous and may put your health at risk.

How can you tell if an online pharmacy is operating legally? The FDA’s BeSafeRx can help you identify and avoid fake online pharmacies.


Signs of a Rogue Online Pharmacy

Beware of online pharmacies that:

  • Allow you to buy prescription medicine without a valid prescription from your health care provider.


  • Do not have a U.S. state-licensed pharmacist available to answer your questions.


  • Offer very low prices that seem too good to be true.


  • Send spam or unsolicited email offering cheap medicine.


  • Are located outside of the United States or ship worldwide.


These pharmacies often sell medicines that can be dangerous because they may:

  • Have too much or too little of the active ingredient you need to treat your disease or condition.


  • Not contain the right active ingredient.


  • Contain the wrong or other harmful ingredients.


The active ingredient is what makes the medicine effective for the illness or condition it is intended to treat. If a medicine has unknown active ingredients, it could fail to have the intended effect, could have an unexpected interaction with other medicines you are taking, could cause dangerous side effects, or may cause other serious health problems, such as serious allergic reactions.


Check the Purple Xanax pill Packaging: This is the simplest and the easiest method to check the authenticity of Purple Xanax pill. Check the packaging for details like unusual fonts, print color, and missing logo. Analyze whether it appears the same or different from the one you have used before.


No Breakage in the Seal: A Purple Xanax bar packet or container that comes with a security seal should not be damaged. Look for a crack or breaks in the sealing tape.


 Check the Purple Xanax Pill Dosage Form: Look for dissimilarities in physical appearance of the drug like its color, size, uniformity, consistency, shape, etc.


Physical Attributes of the pill: As stated by World Health Organization, the common physical attributes that need to be looked out in medicine tablets are;


  • Small pieces of tablets, excessive powder at the bottom of the medicine container, or brittle and crumbly capsule spilling powder.


  • Cracks in the tablets or capsule.


  • The appearance of crystal on the container walls or on the medicine tablets.


  • Softening or hardening of the medicines.


  • Swelling, spots or discoloration of the tablets or capsule.


 Allergies / Unexpected Side Effects from using Purple Xanax pill: Most of the medicines including Purple Xanax pills have side effects. It is important to consult your doctor before the usage to keep a check on allergies arising from it. If you notice certain unexpected or harmful side effects from your medication, report to your doctor immediately.


Price of Purple Xanax Pill: If the price of a Purple Xanax pill is suddenly far cheaper than the usual rate, double check the product as there may be a chance that the fake companies wanted to lure customers by providing medicines at much cheaper rates. ALSO SEE:How to Spot Fake Ratio-Oxycocet TEC Pills


Verify Online or SMS: Many countries have unique methods for the verification of the genuineness of pills using authentication code or other online portals to confirm the authenticity of the pills being purchased.


Fentanyl Test: Using a simple fentanyl test strip can help determine whether your Purple Xanax bar is laced with the deadly fentanyl or not. READ: How to Spot Fake Blue B707 Xanax Bars

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