How to Overcome Fears About Sex

Sex is fun, exciting, spontaneous, and can even be relaxing. However, for some women out there, sex is a source of anxiety and fear. We all want to be confident women sexually who feel good about their choices and desires, but not all are like that. And there could be many reasons why many women out there fear sex.

Sex fears are not always visible, and you might not even be aware you have them. These fears can lurk deep down in the subconscious mind, and you may find yourself keeping away from sex and reducing the reasons for you not having any time-consuming task or low libido.

You may be somebody who has never had sex or had sex many times or someone in between; when fears hinder you from having a healthy and happy sex life, that is a main issue. Sex is without a doubt a vital part of relationships and life, and sex is a good thing.

The first thing you need to do is think smartly about why you might not have sexual intercourse. Did you experience bad which cause you write off sex? Rather than feeling guilty, humiliated and ashamed by your feeling, try to validate and acknowledge them, so that you are able to work on them. Here are some of the common fears that stop a lot of women out there from having enjoyable and pleasurable sex.


Feeling of Not Attractive When Nude

The feeling of not being gorgeous when nude is indeed a mood killer. Many people have a few body parts they can feel good about; they are obese, thin, or have big things, muffin tops, chicken legs, big moles, acne, breasts that are big or small, and the whole thing in between.

You can be an expert on concentrating on negative things. Nobody is perfect, you are flawed, and your flaw makes you interesting and exceptional. Honestly, your partner is perhaps very thrilled to see you in naked beauty. Try to do things that make you feel pleasing, like getting a massage or carrying out some affirmations. Once you tell yourself,  you are gorgeous enough many times, perhaps you will begin to believe it.


Partner Don’t Want to Use Condom

Sex with no wrapper feels different, and many would argue. Still, keeping yourself safe against STI’s as well as unwanted pregnancy is  more important than making sure your partner has an additional level of pleasure. If he insist on going naked, experts provide advice: “No sex” That way, you leave him with totally no choice.

If he says you are on the pill, simply remind your partner that the pill does not help keep him safe from STIs. And do not be afraid to bring your own supply of protection. 

What is more, even if a lot of people assume Condom is the main pleasure buster, there are many remarkable choices available.


He Might Have an STI

According to an expert, this is not the sexiest thing; however, try to discuss it prior to quell your fear. Granted, not all will be sincere about STI or even know they have- it doesn’t matter if that is because they have not been checked or are carriers without any signs and symptoms. This is why it is vital to utilize a protection for safety as well as peace of mind.


Condom Will Break Leading to Unintended Pregnancy 

Only a small chance of a correctly utilized Condom will rip, which should not keep you from taking pleasure in a bedroom romp. Take time prior to getting it on to see if the rubber fits well and is rolled down properly. Also, it is great to put some lubricant. 

Sometimes, if there is no sufficient lubrication, the Condom will  break. Never forget about taking off the Condom properly. According to experts, you need to eliminate it after you are done by holding onto the base and pull it off to make sure all sperm keeps inside the Condom. 


Not Sure If You Can Please or Satisfy Him 

Performance anxiety is not just a problem men face but a problem women as well. Psychological factors play a vital job in fueling this nervousness. Many women, specifically those suffering coitophobia or genophobia, fear that they will be unable to please and satisfy their partners. In most instances, this fright of sexually disappointing one’s partner can be a debilitating condition. 

In which case, seeking a counselor’s interference becomes imperative. You can set an appointment with a psychological counselor, sexologist, or a therapist with many years of experience curing sexual issues. Therapies can assists you know and solve these problems, which are causing anxiety in sexual performance.


Afraid of Pain 

There are instances that women are able to experience severe pain during sex. This could be attributed to vaginismus. It’s a health condition wherein the muscle in the vagina contract involuntarily or there’s a contraction in the pelvic floor muscles. According to experts, women who experience pain during sex can feel isolated and not take pleasure in sex. 

This health condition entails an incapability to have penetrative vaginal intercourse, and ineptitude to undergo vaginal tests, and an incapability to insert a menstrual cup or tampon. Sometimes, this condition is detected during the sexual debut, and occasionally, it can happen even when you have a penetrative sex in the past.



Sex fears are common, as many people may think. So, the initial step is not to beat yourself up. Living in a present world is stressful, and sexual intercourse can be the main reason for women’s insecurity. 

If ones sex life is not as mind-blowing as it can be, and the panics are hindering you, step back and carry out things that provide you pleasure and at the same time assist you in easing the tension. Do not be afraid to ask for some help. Try online sex therapy; this can help you a lot in overcoming these common sex fears. 



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