How to Improve Your Sexual Performance

In clinical settings, sex is often defined as a risk that needs to be counseled against. But in the realm of sexual health, sex is becoming established as part of the human experience. Sexual health is considered a state of emotional, mental, physical, and social well-being that relates to sexuality. Sexual health isn’t just the absence of a disease or referring to sexual dysfunction or infirmity.


How to Improve Your Sexual Performance

Sexual health is important because it enables people to take charge of their reproductive health, and their emotional well-being surrounding their intimate relationships. Having healthy, fulfilling relationships can improve a person’s quality of life, improve their physical and mental health, and even extend their life. Here is how to improve or boost your sexual performance


Develop a Stronger immune system

In a study of immunity in people in romantic relationships, people who had frequent sex (one to two times a week) had more immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their saliva. People who had infrequent sex (less than once a week) had significantly less IgA.

IgA is the antibody that plays a role in preventing illnesses and is the first line of defense against human papillomavirus, or HPV. But those who had sex more than three times a week had the same amount of IgA as those who had infrequent sex. The study suggests that anxiety and stress can possibly cancel out the positive effects of sex.


Get Better sleep

Your body releases oxytocin also called the “love” or “intimacy” hormone, and endorphins during orgasm. The combination of these hormones can act as sedation.

Better sleep can contribute to:


  • a stronger immune system


  • a longer lifespan


  • feeling more well-rested


  • having more energy during the day


  • Headache relief


Another study shows that sexual activity can provide full or partial relief from migraines and cluster headaches.


  • Of people who were sexually active during their attacks:


  • 60 percent reported an improvement during a migraine


  • 70 percent reported moderate to complete relief during a migraine


  • 37 percent reported improvement of symptoms in cluster headaches


  • 91 percent reported moderate to complete relief in cluster headaches



Eat a nutrient-rich diet

a good diet can help boost your libido and ensure your body is working well. A poor diet can lead to a host of health issues, which may negatively affect your sex life. For example, erectile dysfunction is often linked to obesity and diabetes, which can be caused by a poor diet. Fueling your body with the right kinds of food can help boost your mood and energy levels to support a healthy relationship and sex life. For optimum health, eat a nutrient-rich diet that’s low in trans fats, saturated fats, added sugars, and sodium. Eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and lean proteins. To avoid gaining weight, don’t eat more calories than you burn in a day.


Education and communication

Education and communication are the keys to leading a sexual health life. There are many self-help books and resources available, and it’s important to speak to a romantic partner about boundaries and needs.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to speak about sensitive subjects to a sexual partner. Shame and negative social conditioning can cause people to ignore their needs or the needs of their partner. In some cases, it can be beneficial to speak to a therapist or counselor who is knowledgeable and supportive of sexual health.

Talk therapy, one-on-one therapy, and even couples counseling can help people wade through these issues and come out the other side in better sexual health. Therapy can give people the tools they need to communicate their boundaries and expectations respectfully, and in a safe, judgment-free environment.

It’s also important to speak to a doctor about sexual health needs. Many different organizations are primarily geared toward serving the patient’s sexual health needs. These organizations can help someone choose the right type of birth control for their lifestyle, and also offer STI and pregnancy testing.

Sexual health is an integral part of living an authentic life. Making sexual health a priority can significantly improve a person’s emotional, physical, and mental well-being, as well as enhance their intimate relationships and quality of life. If you’re looking to improve your sexual health, please reach out to a qualified counselor or doctor today. ALSO SEE: How to Treat Sexual Problems


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