How Effective Is Kedi Products
Kedi Re-vive

Kedi products are made by Kedi Healthcare a traditional Chinese medicines supplement company. They are best known for their best selling product Revive a male sexual enhancement, and libido boosting pill. The company produces a wide range of Vitamins and food supplements.


About the Company

Kedi Health was founded by a Chinese man named Mr. William Zhao. His upbringing was centered around Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); He has profound knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicines with his study experience in various institutions over the past years.

Based on his upbringing as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, he decided to introduce Chinese Herbal Medicine to Africa. In the year 2005, he established a healthcare company known as KEDI Healthcare Industries (Nigeria) Ltd., located in Lagos State, Nigeria. KEDI has today, established itself as a world-class and one of the leading providers of healthcare world over. It is a conglomerate with business interests in pharmaceutical sectors in China that promotes Traditional Chinese Medical culture worldwide. KEDI Healthcare’s business strength is based on her capability and expertise built up over the years, basking in the over 5000 years of Chinese herbal knowledge which has contributed immensely to the health and longevity of the Chinese people. Partners include Pharmaceutical companies, Governments, Bio-technologists, University departments, Schools involved in a broad range of activities and Industries for healthcare research and development.

At the time he started his business as a healthcare provider, the first core medicine he produced was GOLDEN SIX which is used in the balancing of human body system widely referred to as “yin and yang” balance. Its numerous functions make it a unique brand. Having seen the health benefit in the health status of Africans, he progressed and introduced another herbal medicine known as Revive which is 100% herbal, for improving male sexual performance amongst other health benefits.


How Effective Is Kedi Products?

Kedi products are founded on traditional Chinese medicine(TCM). TCM is estimated to be around 2,500 years old. In a 2018 milestone, the World Health Organization formally recognized traditional Chinese medicine in its global medical compendium. TCM was estimated to serve around 1 million patients in the USA in 1997, and it is estimated that this figure has increased since then both in the US and in other Western countries. In addition to this, herbal products are often sold as dietary supplements rather than prescription drugs.

Dietary supplements are held to less rigorous standards than prescription drugs, which could account for the relative lack of research on TCM efficacy. In China, TCM use is often standard due to the low toxicity associated with it.

A randomized controlled trial which evaluated 23 (9 Chinese and 14 non-Chinese) for efficacy and side effects of Chinese herbal medicine on menopausal symptoms reported that efficacy was reported by all 9 Chinese and 9/14 non-Chinese papers. Side effects and adverse events were generally mild and infrequent.

A meta-analysis found that the appropriate use of Chinese herbs increases fertility two-fold within a four month period. There are thousands of herbs in the Chinese pharmacy and each formula is typically customized. It is important to understand that the real value and effectiveness comes from being properly diagnosed and taking the appropriate herbal formula through working with an experienced Doctor of Chinese medicine,

Evidence suggests that Chinese Herbal medicine is an effective therapy which appears to show ability to support infertility treatment. However, we do not have full details of the specific herbs in Kedi Products nevertheless, anecdotal evidence suggests that the products are somewhat effective in relieving many symptoms and promoting good health. SEE: Best Herbal Cure For Premature Ejaculation In Nigeria

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