side effects of bum enlargement pills

Bum Enlargement Pills are a dietary supplement that contain organic and sometimes chemical ingredients that are used to help boost the size of the hips and buttocks mainly to enhance sexual appeal and confidence on the other hand, Gluteoplasty also known as buttocks augmentation is a plastic surgery involving liposculpture  procedure and or the placement of implants below or over the muscles of the buttocks in order to enhance its shape, size and appeal.

A British study published in The International Journal of Social Behavior and Personality which looked at the contribution of breast size and buttock size on ratings of female physical attractiveness in profile. The study which involved a total pf 114 British undergraduates rated 9 silhouettes with 3 varying levels of breast size and 3 levels of buttock size. Results showed significant main effects of breast size (with an overall preference for small breasts) but not of buttock size. Gender of the participants did not have a significant effect on the variables, although there was a significant interaction of breast and buttock size. The findings suggest that variables such as breast size are minor cues of female physical attractiveness. Notwithstanding the outcome of this study and many others, women continue to look for ways to enhance their buttocks and Hips.


Side Effects Of Bum Enlargement/ Enhancement  Pills and Creams

There are several side effects of butt and hips enhancement pills and creams, some of which can lead to more complicated and life threatening effects these side effects include:

Hair loss and baldness: Enlargement pills and creams can cause hair loss and baldness, the medical term for hair loss is alopecia. Alopecia can be temporary or permanent. The most common form of hair loss occurs gradually and is referred to as androgenetic alopecia.

Hirsutism: This condition which can be caused by glute enlargement pills is characterized by excessive body hair in men and women on parts of the body where hair is normally absent or minimal. Hirutism caused by pills or creams can completely overshadow the gains or benefits of the hip up medications.

Weight gain: Bum and hip enlargement drug including vakvita can cause an increase in body weight. This can involve an increase in muscle mass, fat deposits, excess fluids such as water or other factors. Being overweight or obese may increase the risk of many health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. If you are pregnant, excess weight may lead to short- and long-term health problems for you and your child. Gaining weight as an adult increases the risk for several cancers, even if the weight gain doesn’t result in overweight or obesity.

Headaches: The use of bum enlargement pills can sometimes cause painful sensation in any part of the head, ranging from sharp to dull, that may occur with other symptoms. In women, fluctuating hormone levels are a major contributing factor in chronic headaches and migraines.

Cold hands and feet: Those who use these pills and creams on a regular basis can experience cold hands and feets. In women, the female hormone oestrogen regulates the peripheral blood vessels; high levels of this hormone make them more sensitive to temperature.

Bloating: If you are feeling bloated after using a hip or bum capsule, it is likely that the medication is the culprit. Bloating is common and can be very uncomfortable. A bloated stomach usually occurs due to trapped gas.

Difficulties with memory and mood swings: Although rare, some users can experience difficulties with memory while using this medications. If you have difficulty remembering things stop the pills or cream immediately and consult your doctor.

Stretch marks: Stretch marks occur when the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers are stretched, like when a person grows or gains weight rapidly. Over time, they typically take on a lighter, scarlike appearance. As your weight fluctuates while on these pills or creams, stretch mark will continue to appear on areas of your body where these changes are taking place.

Irregular menstrual periods: Weight gain due to glute boost pills can cause you to skip your period and can auto regulate your period. Your menstrual cycle is a result of a complex interaction between your ovaries and your brain. The coordinated changes in your hormone levels cause ovulation, and if you don’t become pregnant in the days around your ovulation, more hormonal changes result in your period.

Low sex drive: After using bum enlargement pills for some time you will probably notice changes in your sex drive, brought on by hormonal changes. These fluctuations often play a role in a woman’s libido.

Difficulty in sleeping (insomnia): One of the adverse reaction you can expect with hip up capsules and creams is insomnia which is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep.

Anxiety and depression: Hip and bum enhancing medications can sometimes have a negative effect on emotions and mental health resulting in depression and anxiety disorders which produce  symptoms such as nervousness, irritability, and problems sleeping and concentrating. Read: Are Apetamin Pills and Syrups Safe


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