side effects of bum enlargement pills

Bum Enlargement Pills are a dietary supplement that contain organic and sometimes chemical ingredients that are used to help boost the size of the hips and buttocks mainly to enhance sexual appeal and confidence on the other hand  Gluteoplasty also known as buttocks augmentation is a plastic surgery involving liposculpture   procedure and or the placement of implants below or over the muscles of the buttocks in order to enhance its shape, size and appeal.

A British study published in The International Journal of Social Behavior and Personality which looked at the contribution of breast size and buttock size on ratings of female physical attractiveness in profile. The study which involved a total 114 British undergraduates rated 9 silhouettes with 3 varying levels of breast size and 3 levels of buttock size. Results showed significant main effects of breast size (with an overall preference for small breasts) but not of buttock size. Gender of the participants did not have a significant effect on the variables, although there was a significant interaction of breast and buttock size. The findings suggest that variables such as breast size are minor cues of female physical attractiveness. Notwithstanding the outcome of this study and many others, women continue to look for ways to enhance their buttocks and Hips.

Side Effects Of Bum Enlargement/ Enhancement  Pills and Creams

There are several side effects of butt and hips enhancement pills and creams, some of which can lead to more complicated and life threatening effects these side effects include: hair loss and baldness,  hirsutism ( excessive body hair in men and women on parts of the body where hair is normally absent or minimal) ,weight gain, headaches, cold hands and feet, bloating, difficulties with memory, mood swings, stretch marks, irregular menstrual periods, low sex drive, difficulty in sleeping (insomnia), anxiety, and depression.



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