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Orihiro Collagen supplement is a type of concentrated collagen with placenta extract, proteoglycan extract and vitamin C. It contains 30 times more dipeptide called PO, OG (prolyl hydroxyproline, hydroxyprolylglycine) compared to regular collagen.


Nutritional Information (6g serving):

  • Energy – 22kcal
  • Protein – 5.2g
  • Fat – 0g
  • Carbohydrates – 0.37g
  • Sodium – 5-20mg.


Because this product is in a granulated form, you can mix it with coffee, yogurt, or ice cream. It has a sweet vanilla flavor. Even though the collagen originates from fish, this formulation includes pig placenta extract and vitamin C, which is key in absorbing collagen.

In recent years, collagen supplements have become popular. Most are hydrolyzed, which means the collagen has been broken down, making it easier for you to absorb. Consuming collagen may have a variety of health benefits, from relieving joint pain to improving skin health.

Orihiro Fish collagen supplements is made up of mostly Type I collagen. Consisting of mostly one type of collagen doesn’t mean it is inferior to bovine collagen, which has both Type I and Type III. Type I collagen is found just about everywhere in the body except for cartilaginous tissue. It is the type of collagen that makes up 70% of our skin and is itself the most abundant collagen in the body, so you can already see how fish collagen can become your skin’s best friend. Type I collagen can do a number of positive things for your skin, from reversing the aging process and decreasing the prominence of wrinkles and cellulite, to enhancing your skin hydration and firmness.

Because Orihiro collagen supplements is indeed a Type I collagen, it is rich is two particular amino acids: glycine and proline. Glycine is foundational to DNA and RNA strand creation, while proline is foundational to the human body’s ability to naturally produce its own collagen. Considering glycine is vital to our DNA and RNA, it holds many significant functions for the body, including blocking endotoxin and transporting nutrients for body cells to utilize for energy. While proline can act as an antioxidant for the body and can prevent cell damage from free radicals, its number one function is to ensure collagen synthesis by helping in the stimulation of the process within the body.

Fish collagen from Orihiro helps to preserve health, youth, and beauty for a long time. Collagen is a necessary agent for improving cell metabolism. It stimulates regenerative processes and slows down the aging process, heals small lesions and irritations. The product smooths wrinkles, tones and tightens the skin, makes it smooth and soft. Collagen also supports the muscle tissue health, helps maintain the body elasticity and flexibility. Hyaluronic acid is useful for the health of the skin and hair. It strengthens the hair follicles and softens the hair along the entire length, preventing split ends and hair loss. It smooths wrinkles, improves skin condition. Sugar cane extract strengthens immunity, enriches the body with vitamins B and C, as well as the necessary trace elements and amino acids. It normalizes the skin function, sebum production, helps to maintain a high level of moisture and prevents skin drying, increases the skin resistance to harmful external influences, acts as a powerful antioxidant.


General Orihiro collagen supplements Benefits

We mentioned all the science-related facts about Orihiro fish collagen, but we’re sure you want to know the concrete health benefits this type of collagen can actually provide you and how to use collagen for skin. Here are 5 huge health benefits of fish collagen and marine collagen supplements.


  1. Makes your skin look younger and fairer

Orihiro collagen supplements has become quite the beauty craze. That’s because there are lots of collagen benefits for skin. Quality fish collagen has been shown to have anti-aging properties, particularly for your skin. Collagen in our skin actually begins to break down at the rather young age of 21. As we get older, we continue to lose more and more of our own collagen, and considering Type I collagen makes up 70% of our skin, replenishing it is important for maintaining healthy, happy, youthful skin.

Orihiro collagen supplements may decrease the amount of wrinkles and appearance of cellulite in our skin. In addition, supplementing with fish collagen may help improve skin hydration, firmness, smoothness, elasticity, and improves skin tone for brighter, fairer, clearer complexion.


  1. Orihiro collagen supplements eliminates unsightly scars

This is all thanks to fish collagen being a Type I collagen – it will be your skin’s best friend. Collagen is a major component in the dermal matrix of skin. In other words, the fate of the condition of your wounds is really up to your collagen. Remember, collagen not only builds; it repairs, too. Orihiro collagen supplements may be helpful for alleviating your scars and ensuring faster healing altogether. This type of collagen has been studied for its role in promoting protein synthesis and cell proliferation.

Collagen can support skin tissue strength by regenerating the extracellular matrix of your skin. All of this jargon is to simply say that fish collagen may promote the regeneration of skin after a multitude of skin injuries and deformations, from scratches to burns to scars.


  1. Help Build up your bone strength

Skin isn’t the only part of the body supplementing with fish collagen can benefit! Collagen makes up 90% of the organic matrix of our bones. One of the most common signs of aging is the loss of bone mass. This can lead to osteoporosis, a condition that millions of people across the world suffer from.

While minerals like phosphorus and calcium are great for promoting and maintaining bone strength, they are not easy to absorb into the bloodstream. That’s why many people are at risk for bone diseases due to bone loss and mineral deficiencies. Orihiro collagen supplements may help your bone strength by supporting the absorption process of calcium and other minerals that are vital for bone strength.

Supplementing with fish collagen may help stimulate collagen synthesis in the bones, which is done by promoting osteoblasts (cells that help build the bone matrix). This means that fish collagen may help regenerate and heal your bones.


  1. May stabilize your blood sugar

Glycine has been studied for its various benefits to the human body, and fish collagen is uniquely packed with higher levels of glycine than any other types of collagen. And the glycine in fish collagen may help stabilize blood sugar. Researchers have recently found evidence that low levels of glycine in the body may lead to insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes. Indeed, in a 2016 study conducted by the Alberta Diabetes Institute, people with type 2 diabetes have been found to have low levels of glycine in their bodies. Therefore, supplementing with glycine rich fish collagen may help stabilize your blood sugar levels and prevent insulin resistance glycine.


  1. May reduce inflammation and fight bacteria

Fish collagen just seems to sound better and better, doesn’t it? Here’s another benefit! Hydrolyzed fish collagen consists of bioactive peptides that have antioxidant properties. These properties can help in the reduction of reactive oxygen species, which are unstable molecules containing oxygen that cause the aging of tissues and put people at higher risks of cancer. Orihiro collagen supplement can provide antioxidants, which then can fight against the accumulation of those reactive oxygen species, boosting the immune system and reducing inflammatory responses throughout the body. Preclinical studies show that marine collagen protects against oxidative skin damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) light (sunlight).

The same bioactive peptides found within fish collagen also have antibacterial properties. These peptides, particularly the peptide collagencin, may help inhibit the growth of infections as well as bacteria that cause disease. Research is continuing to be done in order to explore the potential of fish collagen peptides as antibiotics.


How to Take Orihiro collagen supplements

Once per day, drink 6g (one heaping spoonful) with water or blend with a drink of your choice. People consuming it for the first time should start with a smaller amount. Make sure to consistently take it every day.


What are the ingredients in Orihiro collagen supplements?

Fish collagen peptide 2000 mg (equivalent to 60,000 mg collagen / PO, converted to OG), placenta extract powder 100 mg (corresponding to placenta 1500 mg), proteoglycan extract 3 mg, vitamin C 60 mg (60%).


Side Effects of Orihiro collagen supplements

Anecdotal evidence suggests that although Orihiro Collagen works very well, users can observe certain side effects such as Pimples, spots, or zits after stopping the product. Additionally, Orihiro collagen supplements have the potential to cause digestive side effects, such as feelings of fullness and heartburn. Regardless, these fish collagen supplements appear to be safe for most people. Collagen supplements may lead to side effects, such as a bad taste in the mouth, heartburn, and fullness.


How to Spot Fake Orihiro Collagen supplements

Fake pharmaceuticals products are a big problem in public health, Pharmaceuticals in the U.S. are required to go through Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing before they can be brought to market. They are designed to treat a specific problem with controlled substances, and manufacturers need to back up their claims with research.

Supplements, on the other hand, do not need FDA approval to get to market, as long as they don’t contain a controlled drug or substance. People who purchase supplements take it in good faith that the product works in the way the company claims it does, whether it’s a weight loss pill or vitamin.

This presents a unique opportunity for counterfeiters and bad actors. The global supplement industry was estimated to be worth $123 billion in 2019 and growing. Specific products often spike in popularity when they are endorsed by celebrities or powerful marketing campaigns. Counterfeiters then ride the wave with fake products, the contents of which are a mystery.

Federal regulators continue to warn consumers about tainted, dangerous products that are marketed as dietary supplements. These fraudulent products can cause serious injury or even death. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found nearly 300 fraudulent products that contain hidden or deceptively labeled ingredients.


How to Avoid Fake Orihiro Collagen Supplements


  1. Buy Directly from Reputable Manufacturers

Once you’ve found a reliable manufacturer of a particular supplement you want to buy, you can go right to the manufacturer’s website and purchase directly from them. This is the number one method you can implement to ensure your supplements are not only real, but high quality.

Sure, it may be a bit more expensive because you might not get the free shipping that comes from your Amazon Prime account. However, you’ll have the guarantee of product coming straight from the manufacturer without passing through any unnecessary and potentially dangerous third parties.

Keep in mind, it’s often possible to buy directly from a manufacturer using Amazon. Many manufacturers recognize how convenient it can be for the consumer to use this e-commerce platform and set up an account to sell from their site.


  1. Buy Directly from Reputable Sources

This strategy differs slightly from manufacturers in that there are many doctors, nurses, and wellness leaders who sell their own private label products. These are often blends of vitamins, minerals, nutrients or herbs that have been developed from their personal clinical experience and research. There are actually many successful blends that were developed by health professionals to support their own patients in their practices. Many of these supplements are unique or personalized health solutions and shouldn’t be overlooked just because they aren’t from the manufacturer themselves.

In the case of supplements sold by reputable sources, be sure to use a similar mentality as you do when you buy from reputable manufacturers. Once you identify the product and source as high quality (from your excellent sleuthing), you should then only buy this directly from the source. Avoid third-party sellers, especially if they are selling the product at a fraction of the price.

  1. Check for Red Flags

Major red flags include:

  • If the product seems fake or too good to be true
  • Supplements that are very cheap
  • If the seller has no contact information
  • Reviews that seem overly curated.

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