real vs Fake Vimax Pills

Vimax is an effective organic herb essence with unique male enhancement formula which stimulates penis growth, boosts sexual activity, sexual stamina and helps to improve erective functions. The results of latest researches and tests prove that Vimax is capable to stimulate the growth of penis for up to 3-4 inches in length and 25% in width which is truly impressive. Vimax Pills stimulate penis blood circulation for erection to provide you with an excellent orgasm experience, increase the sensitivity and intensity of orgasms and also prevent early ejaculations.

Promoters claim it is 100 percent natural and contains some of the most common natural herbs to promote penis enlargement. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use Vimax, because FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that Vimax (EXP: 11.2016 LOT: 01.13) contains tadalafil, the active ingredient in the FDA approved prescription drug Cialis, used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). This undeclared ingredient may interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs such as nitroglycerin and may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. Men with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease often take nitrates. This particular batch of Vimax has been proven to be Fake.


Ingredients in Original Vimax pills        

Vitamin E. It can play a crucial role in balancing your endocrine and nervous systems, naturally working to balance hormones naturally. By keeping your hormones in balance, you will find it easier to maintain a healthy weight and find yourself feeling more energetic. Vitamin E benefits for men were theorized to include cardiovascular benefits that extended throughout the body to the penis.


Ginko. One of the main characteristics of this ingredient is the improvement of blood oxygenation. Ginkgo has the ability to improve blood levels of nitric oxide, which improves circulation via the dilation of blood vessels. As a result, ginkgo may also be useful for treating various symptoms of sexual dysfunction by improving blood flow to those areas of the body. A clinical study made to a group of men reveals that at least seventy eight percent of them affected by impotence perceived an improvement of sexual functions with no side effects.


Ginseng. Mental and physical activity are stimulated by this ingredient. It also fights general weakness and has a positive effect over sexual glands and enhances athletic performance. It is a powerful regulator of blood flow therefore it works against erectile dysfunction. Ginseng restores youth and reinvigorates the organism promoting the development of new nerve tissues. Ginsenosides is a key component of this plant and is responsible for a better blood flow to the brain and penis. It also works against premature ejaculation.


Saw Palmetto. Some characteristics of this herb are the stimulation of libido in men and the increment of sexual energy. It is also well known for having aphrodisiac effects. Some clinical studies made in Europe have revealed that saw palmetto is very effective in reducing the appearance of prostate cancer by at least thirteen percent. It also enhances sexual arousal and performance and at the same time reduces fat and cholesterol in the blood.


Cayenne Pepper. The medicinal property of this herb is the regulation of blood circulation. It also helps to prevent heart diseases. READ: How To Use Vimax Pills

Fake Vimax Pills

What does fake Vimax look like?

A consumer, may not have access to most of the test equipment used by regulatory bodies to verify the identity of a drug product but there are simple guidelines that can help identify a fake Vimax pill: 


3D hologram: Vimax packet comes with a security seal which should not be damaged. The 3D hologram (Izon) contain a 7-digit code usually printed letters and numbers randomly and each bottle is different. You should check the code to make sure it is genuine by visiting to validate the product using the code.


Check the Vimax pill Packaging: This is the simplest and the easiest method to check the authenticity of Vimax. Check the packaging for details like unusual fonts, print color, and missing logo. Analyze whether it appears the same or different from the one you have used before.


Check the Vimax pill Dosage Form: Look for dissimilarities in physical appearance of the drug like its color, size, uniformity, consistency, shape, etc. Original Vimax contain just 30 capsules no more than 30 capsules, be careful because there are fake Vimax on the internet with contents of 60 capsules at a cheaper price than the original Vimax.


Physical Attributes of tablet: As stated by World Health Organization, the common physical attributes that need to be looked out in medicine tablets are;


  • Small pieces of tablets, excessive powder at the bottom of the medicine container, or brittle and crumbly capsule spilling powder.


  • Cracks in the tablets or capsule.


  • The appearance of crystal on the container walls or on the medicine tablets.


  • Softening or hardening of the medicines.


  • Swelling, spots or discoloration of the tablets or capsule.


 Allergies / Unexpected Side Effects from using  Vimax : Most of the medicines including  Vimax pill have side effects. It is important to consult your doctor before the usage to keep a check on allergies arising from it. If you notice certain unexpected or harmful side effects from your medication, report to your doctor immediately.


Price of Vimax pill: If the price of Vimax  pill is suddenly far cheaper than the usual rate, double check the product as there may be a chance that the fake companies wanted to lure customers by providing medicines at much cheaper rates. SEE: Side Effects Of Penis Enlargement Pills


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