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Dr. Lynette Nusbacher is a renowned writer and historian who specializes in military activity. She has published two books and multiple articles online on military evolution and recent military interventions in the Middle East and other regions. Having been in the media from the early 1990s, the doctor isn’t a new face to those who love history.

Dr. Lynette has also featured on BBC and History channel’s documentaries as an expert on war and army politics, where her detailed analysis of war made her a fan-favorite. While Dr. Lynette has been a critical figure in educating the world about the military and weapons, she is famous for her gender transition from male to female. Nusbacher’s passion for military and war politics is defying the demeaning world’s notion about transgender people. While she appears to be comfortable with her transition, most people often wonder how she looked before and why she decided to change.


Profile summary

Name: Lynette Nusbacher (born Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher)

Date of birth: 17th December 1966

Profession: Military Historian and Author

Education: The University of Oxford, The University of Toronto, and Royal Military College Place of birth: New York, USA.

Marital status: Divorced


Early life

Dr. Lynette Nusbacher was born in 1966 in New York as Aryeh Nusbacher. Her parents Kelly Maines and Wayne Maines lived and worked in New York. However, she later moved out of New York in search of a college education in Toronto. Does Dr. Lynette Nusbacher have a brother? Yes. She has a brother named Jonas Maines. Unlike Dr. Lynette, little is known about Jonas. However, he lives in New York City, and the two siblings are still close. Education after high school, Dr. Nusbacher moved to Canada for college studies. She majored in History and Economics at the University of Toronto. After graduating with a BA degree, the university took her in as an administrator. In 1994, she abandoned her role as an administrator at the University of Toronto to study War Studies for her Master’s. Although the University of Toronto was offering a similar course, she opted for the Royal Military College of Canada.

Her knowledge of War studies gave her a chance to work with decision-makers and consultancy firms. However, Nusbacher was more fascinated by world history, and two years later, she enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Modern History at the University of Oxford. After her DPhil studies, the military historian has enrolled in different education programs. In 2009, she studied a Leadership course at the British National School of Government. Additionally, she registered at Cranfield University for a Defense Strategic Leadership program.

Dr. Lynette’s marriage and children

Who is Melanie Bright? Melanie Bright is Lynette’s ex-wife and a communication expert living in the UK. Lynette and Melanie married in 1998 after meeting at Royal Military College. Melanie and Lynette have two children from their 12 years union. They have managed to keep their children away from the public, even after the divorce in 2010. Melanie Bright lives with the children in Surrey, UK.

While their union did not last after her transition, Melanie supported her then-husband emotionally. Also, she has avoided talking about what happened between them, even after numerous speculations from both UK and USA tabloids.

dr lynette nusbacher before

The transition from male to female

Is Lynette Nusbacher a guy? Well, she is a transgender female and one of the most popular transgender women in Europe. Prior to her change, the military expert had an identity crisis. Therefore, changing her gender at 41 was a brave decision, considering she was already a public intellectual. Her transition has been a conversation starter regarding gender identity, both in the USA and UK. For example, her new status was instrumental in addressing transphobia in modern society and specifically in the academic world.


When did Lynette Nusbacher become a woman?

The military expert changed her gender to a woman in 2007. While she has changed physically and dropped the name Aryeh, her passion for knowledge has remained. While many people didn’t believe at first, it became evident from the few pictures online and on her social media accounts that she is indeed transgender. Although she rarely posted pictures during her time as a male, there are many similarities in Dr. Lynette Nusbacher’s before and after pictures.



Dr. Lynette Nusbacher’s education has enabled her to work in different continents and, more importantly, to study military interventions from a scholarly point of view. Also, the doctor believes that as a public intellectual, she has to educate the world on why some responses happen in war. Her illustrious career spans various sectors including:


Administrator in the University of Toronto (1988-1994)

Lynette worked as an administrator for six years. During her time as an administrator, she interacted with different academics. It is from these interactions that she developed a love for research and history.


Logistics officer at Canadian Armed Forces (1992-2000)

While she was still an administrator at the University of Toronto, she joined the Canadian Armed Forces.

Dr. Lynette was responsible for planning and overseeing the general logistics. Thanks to her expertise, she was promoted to a division staff officer in 2000 before moving to consultancy.


Senior consultant at LMC From 2006 to 2017,

Lynette was the principal consultant at LMC. During her stay at the firm, she contributed to operational researches. More importantly, Lynette was part of war studies, especially on the global scene.


History expert in “Time Commanders” at BBC (2003-2005)

The three years were a redefining period for world military politics. During this time, Lynette was an expert in the show, Time Commanders. Her analysis educated viewers on military intermediations, especially on Iraq’s war situation.


Senior Intelligence advisor to the UK cabinet

In 2007, the UK cabinet recruited her to serve as an intelligence advisor. Thanks to Lynette’s background in security systems, she drafted policies that gave rise to the UK’s clean system. She was part of the team that developed the national-level security assessment guideline that is operational to date.


Dr. Lynette as a lecturer

Dr. Nusbacher has worked as a lecturer in universities since 2006. She taught at Royal Military College, Sandhurst, for three years. Some of her students were Prince William and Prince Harry, who were pursuing military studies. Also, she was a visiting lecturer to a couple of UK top universities, such as the University of Reading.


Lynette Nusbacher’s authorship

As a public intellectual, Dr. Lynette is passionate about refining public opinion on different subjects. Over the years, she has written books that detail her views on the same. In fact, she has published a number of them including:


  1. Battle of Bannockburn 1314, and War and Conflict

The book is one of the most-read publications by Dr. Lynette. The central theme in this book is the Scottish war of 1314. Unlike most historians, she examines how the war redefined military campaigns and politics of the 14th century. Also, Dr. Lynette shows the connection between war and the military awakening of the middle ages. Thanks to this book, she is one of the most cited intellectuals in European military development in the middle ages.


  1. War of Conflict The book

War of Conflict, has a different theme from the previous one. Lynette uses military examples to discuss difficult real-life issues, such as self-value and decision-making. Unlike her earlier works, the “War of Conflict” is for young people.


  1. A contributor at “Time of Israel.”

The Time of Israel is an online publication on war and politics. Dr. Lynette is a regular contributor as a specialist on war, Aleppo refugees, and UNRWA. Given her specialization in the field and her unbiased approach, she has placed herself in a better position to offer insightful views without bias.


Dr. Lynette Nusbacher as a panelist at History Channel and BBC

Before her gender reassignment, Dr. Lynette was a regular panelist at different History Channel’s discussions on war and politics. Her views on military politics and bombings gave people a different way to look at international conflicts, especially when military interventions are concerned. While she has since changed from Dr Aryeh Nusbacher (as she was commonly known in the History interviews) to Nusbacher, most of her predictions on war and conflict resolutions came to pass.


Founder and director of Nusbacher Associates

Apart from her scholarly work, Dr. Lynette is passionate about cyber tech and general technology. Nusbacher Associates is an online platform where she gives her take on contemporary issues and how tech affects policymakers. Also, she uses her platforms to address issues that are rare in the mainstream media. For example, she was one of the few intellectuals who gave well-thought views on Bretix to technology and governance. The Nusbacher Associates as a platform has also been a hub for mentorship. Through her writings, Dr. Lynette has inspired thousands of young people in Britain to be change agents, primarily through political processes.


Net worth and income streams

According to KiDAGes, Dr. Lynette Nusbacher’s net worth is approximated to be about $1.3 Million. However, the details of her house location and value, cars, or investments are unknown. Like most scholars in Britain, the doctor has multiple income streams. First, she is a consultant, and she still works with governments. Also, she is a part-time lecturer in different UK universities. As an author, the military historian earns a living from book sales and articles from different online publications. Additionally, History Channel and BBC feature her in various documentaries as an expert, and the features contribute to her income.

Apart from being one of the most critical military scholars of our time, Dr Lynette Nusbacher is a vital figure for people going through similar identity crises. She hopes that her brave decision will change the world’s perception of transgender people.  READ: Meet Africa’s Top 10 Transgender Celebrities

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