Big Girls how to Be Yourself, Healthy & in a Relationship

Just because you are overweight doesn’t mean that you are not healthy, that you don’t deserve love, or that you can’t find happiness and feel complete. Unless you have serious health concerns and are morbidly obese, you shouldn’t be categorized as unhealthy in the first place.

The fact that all women should be insanely skinny to feel beautiful, healthy, and wanted is primarily a social construct of the times we live in, but it hasn’t always been this way, and it shouldn’t define your life.

You are not the size of your jeans; you are more than that. Let’s find out how you can find love with a nice man and stay healthy, happy, and thriving.

Big girls – Where to Meet Men?

Just because they are curvy and have some meat on their bones doesn’t mean those big girls can’t have fun. You will see them being the life of the party wherever they go because they have focused on getting a personality and developing their interests more than on their figure.

Big girls go to wine tastings, parties, festivals, clubs, and many exciting activities. You can find them having fun in all the places single women usually hang out.

So that’s where men can find them. If you want to take a more straightforward, fast, and sure-fire approach to meeting men (or for men to meet curvy women), the best way is to check online dating platforms. All feedback about BBW sites compiled at together2night reviews in order to make your choice conscious informed and right for you.

Online dating sites dedicated to curvy women have increased tremendously, and more and more men prefer bigger women.

It’s not considered fetish anymore, and men finally see them for what they are: big beautiful women who deserve to be loved.

The Risks of Weight Loss

Only if truly necessary should weight loss be attempted. If you are not really overweight, you shouldn’t try to force it and go on an unhealthy, fad, and dangerous diet. Most of them can bring you more harm than good. The diet culture has instilled into our minds that skinny is healthy and the only way to be beautiful is if you are underweight. But that is not true and unsafe. You shouldn’t do anything to be skinny. And if you are not careful, you can develop an eating disorder that is much more harmful than it is to being a few pounds overweight.

Having a balanced diet and doing regular exercise is the only way to keep yourself healthy and maintain your weight or drop a couple of pounds. Nothing drastic. No cutting out entire food groups or exercising until you can’t stand anymore.

Balance is key. And your quality of life is also essential. Being able to have a few drinks with friends and enjoy a pizza every once in a while is not a sin and shouldn’t be considered a cheat meal. It’s all part of life. Eat well 70% of the time and eat what brings you joy when you’re out with friends, family, or celebrating something, the rest 30% of the time.

How to Be a Big but Healthy Woman

Skip diets. Don’t get expensive gym memberships with desperate personal trainers who would do anything to make a buck. Don’t starve yourself. Don’t obsess over the scale. You can achieve health at almost every weight, and it’s worse for you to be severely underweight than it is to be a bit overweight.

Stay active. Put good foods in your diet. Eat well, eat what you like, and eat fresh. Cook and enjoy the entire process from buying groceries to cooking the food and sitting down to eat it. Make every meal a memorable culinary experience. Don’t hide when you eat, don’t lie about your weight or what you eat, and how hard you train when you go on dates.

When you set up an online dating account on a site, don’t put pictures only with your head. Dare to post a full-body photo. Tell the truth to the people you meet and date. Be yourself and be proud of it. Find a match who will adore your body and not be ashamed of it. If you are in a good mental space, you will be a lot healthier. Stress is the enemy. Surround yourself with people who help your mental health.



Stay true to yourself and be proud of who you are. Remember that you are beautiful no matter what the scale says. If you take care of your body, you are healthy even though you are big. And any man would be happy to be your lover. There are, after all, countless men looking for a curvy girl just like you.

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