Best Online Counseling For Bipolar Disorder

Mental health has progressively become a topic of discussion in a way that has never been seen before. People now have the opportunity to get effective help without the judgment of others. It’s no longer looked at as a handicap, making it easier for people to reach out and ask for help.

The developments in technology have made the internet a platform where people can get helpful counseling to aid in the particular disorder. Counseling can aid in not defining the person and allowing those affected by mental illness to have an enjoyable life without the disease consuming their day-to-day lives.


What a Bipolar Disorder?

Although mental illness is not as looked down on, bipolar disorder is still very much stigmatized. Bipolar disorder is often misused by the public, making many people believe that those who have frequent mood swings are bipolar.

This connotation can make it difficult for patients with bipolar disorder and can sometimes prevent those who need help from looking for it. Like depression or any other mental illness, bipolar disorder is a severe condition that can be fatal in some cases.

Bipolar disorder is often also referred to as manic depression, where those affected commonly experience dramatic polarized swings in energy, functionality, and mood. Bipolar disorder can be sub-divided into two conditions, such as Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2.


Bipolar 1

Patients who experience Bipolar 1 commonly go through a mania with a duration of at least one week, while depression lasts at least two weeks.


Bipolar 2

Patients with Bipolar 2 often experience less severe stages(mania and depression)and are usually shorter than those with Bipolar 1. Although Bipolar 2 is less intense, these patients still need compassion, support, and quality care as those suffering from Bipolar 1.


Bipolar Disorder counseling: Who Is It For?

Although counseling is suitable for everyone, those diagnosed with any form of bipolar disorder are likely to benefit from this type of counseling. There are various amounts of different online counseling available; however, those that show signs of bipolar disorder should use this method of counseling. Counseling for bipolar disorder specializes in the specific needs of those affected by the illness.


When Is The Right Time To Start With Bipolar Disorder counseling?

People who have bipolar disorder are less likely to seek counseling when they’re experiencing a manic episode. This is usually a vital time to get support, which is a shame.

Searching for online counseling can have amazing effects on those suffering from the disorder, especially if they have just been diagnosed and placed on medication. Research has proven that people who take medications for bipolar disorder are at a higher chance of getting better and staying well if they receive counseling.


Benefits of Bipolar Disorder counseling

Bipolar disorder requires medication to help keep symptoms of the illness under control. It’s common to experience side effects on these medications, and counseling offers these patients the platform to speak about how they feel about these drugs and helps normalize the process.

This counseling helps to encourage those affected by the disease to continue to take the proper medication. The benefit of maintaining the medication on a long-term basis is that the frequency and severity of the episodes can be drastically reduced, and sometimes prevented entirely.


Online vs. In-Person Bipolar Disorder counseling

Online and in-person counseling are two very different options that both have their advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of Online Counseling

Online counseling offers those who have bipolar disorder the ability to receive help without having to leave the house. It can also be easier to find a therapist online, and you’re given the opportunity to look for a therapist that provides you comfort virtually. You having the ability to do this online makes the process more convenient. Online counseling is generally less expensive when compared to traditional forms of therapy.


Disadvantages of Online Counseling

Internet connection issues can hinder the progress you make while conducting therapy and can be frustrating enough for those participating to want to give up. However, these are issues that can be easily fixed.

You may find it uncomfortable to have online counseling, as you may not have the luxury of being alone. Having other people around may limit how much you want to share out of fear that someone hears and judges you.

Some people may be skeptical about counselors offered online. They may think that these counselors are scammers and don’t hold the necessary documents to practice effectively. You can give yourself some peace of mind and ask the potential online counselor for their personal information. You can then research this counselor to search for the necessary studies and the license of the counselor.


Advantages of In-Person Counseling

Live interaction with one-on-one counseling helps people easily build a relationship and put these patients at ease, while easily confiding in the counselor. In-person counseling provides the patient with a space that’s more private. The privacy issues you may experience at home don’t apply when you participate in in-person counseling.


Disadvantages of In-Person Counseling

Your options for counselors are significantly limited when compared to the selection of counselors offered online. Not having this wide selection of counselors can lead to you having to force a bond with a particular one.

As a result, you’re unable to gain all or most of the benefits offered by counseling. This can be extremely disheartening and can threaten you to stop making use of counseling altogether.


How Does Bipolar Disorder Counseling Work?

Counselors and patients usually connect through platforms such as Skype, which provides more flexibility. Like any other form of counseling, you’re able to reap the most benefits when you have a good bond with your counselor. This bond helps you be vulnerable and speak about your thoughts and feelings comfortably.

When starting counseling, your counselor is going to want to get to know you. This is usually called the introductory phase, which lasts for a few sessions where your counselor tries to understand you better. This process helps the counselor to formulate a plan to combat the particular issues you face.


How to Look for the Best Online Counselor

This can be a challenging process, but it’s essential to search for counselors experienced in dealing with bipolar disorder. An excellent method to finding a good counselor is to ask your psychiatrist for any contacts that they have to provide expertise for those with bipolar disorder. Ordinarily, once you’ve been diagnosed with any form of bipolar disorder, your doctor should provide you with a plan to get support and counseling.


Look for Reviews

Looking at the reviews of potential counselors, whether online or in-person, is an excellent way of finding a good counselor. This can also help keep your mind at ease if you’re struggling to find a suitable counselor.

Reading reviews on therapists can help eliminate those who don’t seem fit for and encourage you to seek those that you could see forming a healthy relationship with easily. You’re unable to know precisely what went down in a particular interaction from a review, but you can still gather a basic idea of what you can expect from your interactions with a specific counselor.


Final Thoughts

Partaking in any form of counseling can help anyone, especially those suffering from any type of bipolar disorder. This counseling can help these patients express how they are feeling. They can also feel heard and understood.

This is an essential feeling for those with bipolar disorder. The connotations around this disorder aren’t positive, and feeling understood can help make these patients feel ‘normal’ and less judged.

There is nothing wrong with continually looking for the right counselor, as this can take time. It’s crucial to find a counselor you feel comfortable around rather than settling for the first one you try. The reason for this is that not being able to form a good, satisfying relationship with your counselor can hinder your progress. Another reason is that it makes it almost impossible to gain the benefits that effective counseling has to offer for those suffering from any form of bipolar disorder.

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