Helen Auta
Assoc. Professor Helen Auta

The leadership of the Federal University of Technology, Minna, headed by Professor Faruk Adamu Kuta has promoted Dr. Helen Shnada Auta to the esteemed position of Associate Professor of Microbiology. Formerly a Senior Lecturer at the institution, this promotion is a testament to Auta’s unwavering dedication, commitment, and substantial contributions to the field.

A letter from the Registrar of the institution signed by the Registrar Mr. A.N Kolo stated following the approval of the Honorable Minister of Education and the Appointment and Promotions Committee, the scholar was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with effect from 1st October 2022.

With a wealth of experience and a demonstrated high level of expertise, Auta has significantly enriched the academic and research community at FUT Minna. Her passion for Microbiology has not only elevated her within the university but has also garnered acclaim in broader academic circles.

Dr. Oche Otorkpa, a fellow classmate of the accomplished scholar, exuberantly conveyed warm congratulations on behalf of the Class of 2004, expressing deep admiration for her remarkable accomplishments. Dr. Otorkpa lauded her as a trailblazer, acknowledging her exceptional dedication and resilience in carving an illustrious path in her field. Furthermore, he commended her as a commendable ambassador of Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto, highlighting her significant contributions to the university’s reputation and the broader academic community. With genuine enthusiasm, Dr. Otorkpa extended heartfelt congratulations to the scholar, emphasizing that her well-deserved achievements serve as an inspiration to their entire class and a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence.

Auta’s contributions extend beyond her immediate academic community. Recognized as one of the most cited scholars at FUT Minna, her expertise in Microplastic Pollution has attracted significant attention. According to Google Scholar, Auta’s work has been cited over 3561 times, underlining her impact on the field.

The promotion of Helen Shnada Auta to Associate Professor underscores FUT Minna’s recognition of her academic prowess, leadership, and positive influence within the university community. Colleagues and students alike are inspired by Auta’s passion for research and her unwavering dedication to academic excellence.

As Auta takes on this new role, it is anticipated that she will continue to justify the confidence reposed on her by her superiors and university leadership and continue to be a source of inspiration for future generations of researchers and educators. The entire academic community is invited to join in extending warm congratulations to Helen Shnada Auta on this remarkable milestone in her academic journey.

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