8 Healthy Tips to Combat Sleepiness at Work

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You wake up early. You check your email inbox. You notice that you have several pending tasks. You try to prioritize the most important ones. As you do so, you are assigned a new activity with a sense of urgency. You try to concentrate on fulfilling your obligations, but your eyes are slowly closing. That’s when you ask yourself, “How can I fight sleep at work?”.

In this post, we share 8 tips that will help you wake up; from drinking a cup of coffee to washing your face with cold water. In addition to some practices that you should include in your bedtime routine to put an end to yawning during the day!


  1. Stay hydrated

According to a study published in the journal PLOS ONE, people who drink little water may experience improvements in mood and wakefulness after increasing their intake. Also, consider that if you neglect your hydration because of the hustle and bustle of work, it may take its toll.

The research also showed that when people who drink a large volume of water decrease their intake, they may suffer mood changes, as well as in their sense of calm, satisfaction, and even positive emotions. Although more studies are needed, this indicates how important water is, both for waking up and for performing your tasks with the best attitude!


  1. Have a cup of coffee

Caffeine, a substance found in different plants (including coffee), is a stimulant that can go a long way in combating drowsiness and improving your performance. That said, go to the kitchen and have a cup of coffee, preferably in the morning hours. Just don’t overdo it! Since its excessive consumption is related to an overstimulation that can affect your productivity instead of improving it.


  1. Wash your face with cold water

Go to the bathroom and wash your face. This is a quick and effective tip to revitalize you and give you that boost you need. It’s even proven. According to research published in the journal Industrial Health, washing your face after waking up may be helpful in improving alertness.

Likewise, if you feel like you’re still not focused and unable to concentrate on your tasks, you can take a cold shower. You will see that you get similar results, and your mood will change. Give it a try!


  1. Talk to your colleagues

Another recommendation that you can apply to combat sleepiness at work is to talk with other colleagues. Try to ensure that the topics are unrelated to the work environment. The idea is to disconnect for a moment. Set up a meeting during the week to socialize, like a coffee break, and do something different.


  1. Get up from your desk

If you are under a lot of pressure and you think that spending more time at your desk, with your eyes fixed on your monitor, will make you more productive, you will probably achieve the opposite. Periodically, get up from your workstation. Take a few minutes to apply the above advice and chat with your colleagues. Of course, be careful not to overdo it. Finally, if you’re still struggling to manage work, study, and relaxation, consider reaching out to an online paper writer for support with your pending tasks.


  1. Take a walk

If you can take a few minutes during your workday to get out and take a walk, try to do so. Walking is another way to get your blood flowing and get that natural energy boost you need. Another option you can apply is to walk before starting your work. In any case, getting some fresh air to stay awake and meet all the demands scheduled for the day is important.



  1. Listen to lively music

Music can certainly influence your mood. Organize your playlist, and don’t forget to include the songs that keep you always active. Avoid those that connect you with sadness. Remember that we are looking for ways to combat sleepiness at work.



  1. Eat an energizing lunch

Eating heavy meals can affect your energy level. If you want to perform well in your scheduled meeting right after your lunch break, eat healthy, protein-rich foods. It is likely that when you leave that meeting, you will want to eat a snack. Have snacks on hand, such as peanut butter crackers, nuts, or yogurt.


What to do before bedtime?

In closing, we suggest you follow a few recommendations as bedtime approaches.

Avoid coffee. Try to eliminate caffeine at least six hours before bedtime. If you drink a cup of this beverage with the purpose of curbing drowsiness, you are likely to alter your sleeping hours at night. Remember that it is healthier to drink water, as we indicated at the beginning.

Do not exercise. Although many believe this is a good way to get tired, it can have the opposite effect since the body needs time to relax after a long training day. If you’re someone who likes to exercise and can’t do it in the morning or evening, try to make it 90 minutes before you go to bed to decrease the chances of it affecting your rest.

Use dim lights. Try to keep your bedroom as dimly lit as possible to sleep well all night.

All these tips will help you sleep better and have a more productive day at work. Start putting them into practice so you can achieve the performance you are used to and not have to have a hard time falling asleep at your desk.


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