Bad breath medically referred to as halitosis results from poor oral hygiene habits and could sometimes be a sign of an underlying health challenge. Bad breath is one of the greatest career killers, it could end your career before it even starts.

Bad breath can be worsened by smoking and or the consumption of substances with strong smell like garlic, coffee, or alcohol. It is estimated that, about 45 percent of the world’s population suffer from some form of halitosis.

Studies have shown that individuals with bad breath are 60 percent more likely to suffer from stress, 57 percent of individuals with bad breath reported feelings of depression.

We have identified 5 ways you may be losing Millions due to bad breath


  1. You May Loose That Mouth Watering Job Offer

Most interviewers can hardly stand strong smell , even a strong perfume could easily put them off , a fellow with bad breath could be the best man/woman for the job but might not be given the time to express his/herself because of the air that disorientates the panel each time he speaks .


2          An Investor Willing To Invest In Your Business Might Be Unable To Stand the Smell and Discuss the Details

Innovators and Entrepreneurs need investors and some investments opportunity are once in a lifetime opportunity which can simply be ruined by bad breath.

Some discussions require close proximity, sometimes over tea or lunch. A pungent air might remove emphasis from your business to your mouth.


  1. You May Loose Quality Friends With Good Links

A friend or an acquaintance with good links can be the difference between you and a mouthwatering deal or contract. Some friends might find it hard to inform you of some hard truth, while some will simply avoid you, that gap could cost you dearly.


  1. You May Lose Important Clients Who Can’t Stand The Stench.

Some clients are the ones who pay the bills of your firm, they belong to the 80 class of the 80:20 categorization of customers. Losing them can be disastrous to the enterprise. Sadly, bad breath can show this category of customers the exit door if it remains unchecked.

  1. You May Lose Experienced and Skilled Staff

For any business to succeed human resources is very critical, when you work closely with your staff having an offensive breath could ruin synergy in the work place and affect productivity .Some staff may choose to take up another offer in a different entity just to escape the bombardment.



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