All Health Departments Information At Your Finger Tips

Health Department Definition  Health department  are defined as agencies or departments of health charged with the responsibility of overseeing the health of the population. They are also responsible for implementing health policies, programs and providing healthcare services. The specific responsibilities of a health department may vary from country to country and from state to state […]

Definition of Public Health

What is public health? Public health is the science of promoting and protecting the health of communities. It involves research, disease prevention, policy formulation and implementation and the prevention of injuries and disabilities. It is an inter disciplinary field comprising Medicine, Biology, Anthropology, Public policy, Mathematics, Engineering, Education, Psychology, Computer science, Sociology, Business and  many […]

What is Public Health Policy ?

    What is Public Health Policy ? Health policy according to the World Health Organization, refers to plans, actions and decisions that are taken to achieve specific health care goals in a society. There are factors that interplay to define which is finally adopted, knowing the various concept of public policy will enhance the […]

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