Why Pharmaceutical Startups Should Turn to Contract Manufacturers

Contract development involves a company outsourcing the manufacture of its products to another CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) with the requisite equipment, licenses, and personnel. In the pharmaceutical industry companies often turn to contract manufacturing more frequently to speed up the production of essential medications and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Partnerships with CDMO companies are profitable for many reasons.

We asked Acanthus Pharma, a leader in the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing industry, why pharma startups use the services of experienced contractors rather than starting production themselves.

Economic Efficiency

Contract manufacturers have large infrastructure, laboratories, equipment, and experience that help decrease costs at the initial stage of the development and production of a new drug. Partnering with such a manufacturer can help your company achieve significant cost savings while maintaining good pharmaceutical manufacturing practices and products.

Herewith, startups don’t need to invest in equipment, staff training, storage rent, etc. This is profitable at the beginning of doing business.

Quick Launch of a New Product

Small businesses can accelerate drug development and release by working with Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization acanthuspharma.com to streamline processes. It is crucial for startups looking to enter the market quickly. The manufacturer produces different amounts of products, including test batches. In cases where it is necessary to increase production, CDMO can do that without incurring extra costs for scaling.

Meeting Quality Standards

Pharma product manufacturing is strictly regulated. Produced medicines and biologics are supposed to meet all quality standards. A contract manufacturer guarantees to meet all requirements and guidelines while producing medications. You get a safe, quality, and certified product that can be sold and used for its intended purpose.

Focus on Research and Marketing

Cooperation with contract manufacturers allows small companies to focus on research, development of a new product, marketing, advertising, etc. In doing so, all operation and production tasks from supply chain management and logistics fall on the shoulders of the CDMO.

What Does Acanthus Pharma Offer Pharmaceutical Startups?

Acanthus Pharma works with different clients and fulfills orders of various sizes. Acanthus Pharma is ready to offer small companies a wide range of services, including the following:

  • Chemical route development
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Recipe research
  • Reference standard preparation
  • Process development
  • Stability studies, etc.

Using services provided by Acanthus Pharma, you will be able to reduce production costs, enter the market quickly, and even beat the competition.


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