Possible Difficulties In Combining pregnancy With Studies

Until recently, motherhood completely excluded the opportunity to study and even more so to work. It was believed that in life you have to choose: either a family and children or education and a career. But today’s girls can not deny themselves anything.

Technological progress has greatly contributed to this. Machines do the lion’s share of household chores for us, freeing our hands for intellectual pursuits. Charge the washing machine – and learn for yourself in good health, while the child is asleep. Also, nowadays you can simply google “where I can pay someone to write my paper” and you will find lots of decent services that will help you with the college assignments when necessary. Therefore, pregnancy today is not a reason to give up on education and career.


Planning a pregnancy while studying

You’re still a student, and you already have a family with plans for an addition. It is rare to be without fears and doubts, but pregnancy at 20-25 is great for many reasons:

The body is full of energy. Bunch of chronic diseases that greatly complicate the course of pregnancy has not “blossomed”. In addition, recovery from childbirth will be much faster. Enthusiasm, activity, and other privileges of youth. All this helps a lot to build a family.

Pausing to study is much easier than work – this is a fact. Unfortunately, maternity leave often turns out to be the end of the career ladder in a particular organization. Therefore, it is much easier to become a mother first and then start a career.

Maybe in some places, it will be very difficult and you will have to strain all your strength. But think about it: by the time you’re 35, you’ll have a fairly mature child who can take care of themselves. This means that you can immerse yourself in work and actively pursue success in this field, not be distracted by diapers.


Challenges for student families expecting a baby

During pregnancy, it is undoubtedly the mother who has the hardest time. In addition to the psychological burden, which she shares equally with the father of the child, she will go through a tremendous restructuring of the body and take all the changes that occur with it.

Hormones are changing, hence mood swings and irritability appear. You have to cope with all this somehow, and then the toxicosis came along with the growing volumes of the waist…


Difficulty #1. Unstable emotional state

Failures in emotional well-being in pregnant women can cause conflicts, including with teachers.

What can the father-to-be do? Help with your studies as much as possible, and of course, indulge in something nice.


Complication #2. The need to see a doctor regularly

This means that you will have to miss some classes at the college. Of course, you will be given a medical certificate or, if necessary, will be given a sick note. But such a disruption in the schedule may affect your grades.

In this case, you will have to find the strength to absorb knowledge in your own time, away from trips to the doctor and procedures. Ask for help from the teacher, explain the situation, so they don’t think that now you don’t care at all about your studies. You will be advised of the literature and advise how to be. You can also find on Reddit essay writing services that for an affordable price will help you with all your college assignments if you don’t feel like doing them or simply have no time for them.

By the way, you need to take a medical certificate of pregnancy to the Department of Physical Education, which will exempt you from classes.


Difficulty #3. Poor health

Unfortunately, toxicosis most often torments pregnant women in the morning, when you need to run to pairs. It is often the cause of skipping and being late in early pregnancy.

At first, it can be really hard and you don’t know what to do about it. You should realize that this condition is temporary, in most cases goes away by the third month of pregnancy, and for many, it does not occur at all.

Sometimes it’s enough to just pick up the diet and provide access to fresh air. For example, for some pregnant women, to avoid toxicosis, it is necessary immediately after waking up to eat some fruit or some oatmeal. This measure will get rid of nausea and allow you to calmly get ready for school.


Difficulty #4. Financial Problems

A child is an expensive “project.” One scholarship alone will not be enough to get it off the ground. But, as a rule, potential grandparents agree to support the young family financially. Otherwise, the future father will have to find a part-time job.

It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Of course, it is more about service work or physical labor. But you can find other options: write custom academic papers, start a small online business, or take a part-time job as an intern in your field if you are a senior student.


Challenge #5. Accommodation

If you’re a family, this issue has probably been solved long ago: you have your room or even an apartment. But what to do for those for whom pregnancy came as a surprise and now you need to urgently look for square meters to live together?

If you are both out-of-town students, the university is obliged to provide a family-type dormitory. But, unfortunately, this is only in theory. In practice, there is often nothing to provide, so you have to solve the apartment problem yourself.

Renting a room with an infant in your arms is not an easy task. Finding an apartment is easier. The main thing is to have enough money, so again the question is about finances – see point 4.


Difficulty #6. Childbirth coinciding with the session

The problem is very easy to solve, as you have the full right to take your exams early or after childbirth. To do this, simply go to the dean’s office and write a corresponding application.


Attitudes of teachers toward pregnant students

A pregnant woman is sacred to most people. She should not be offended, worried, or unnecessarily stressed. It is so, and teachers, as a rule, all understand and make some indulgences.

The teacher can turn a blind eye to the absences, slightly overestimate the grade, or give a simplified task. Just do not play on his generosity and abuse of position. Keep in mind, that you’re not the first who combines pregnancy with school, and all the tricks of expectant mothers have long been known.

Since you have decided to take such a step during your study, you should fully accept all the difficulties that will be encountered. If one of the teachers does not agree to put the credit automatically just because you are preparing to become a mother, he is right. After all, at the same moment, you are also preparing to become an educated professional.

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