How To Spot Fake Eco Styler Gel

Eco Styler Gel is a product of Ecoco, a cosmetics brand founded in 1983 with the vision of creating innovative products that celebrate individual style. Today, Ecoco continues to pioneer and produce high quality products on a global scale. The brand offers alcohol-free hair gels that don’t leave the hair feeling dry and brittle. These styling gels offer maximum hold and great curl definition without that crunchy feeling or flakiness. They improve hair’s moisture levels, help detangle it, enhance shine, and promote hair growth. These hair gels are formulated with anti-itch formulas and are suitable for all hair types.

Consumers should be wary of purchasing professional haircare products on sites like Amazon or eBay, the results of one investigation revealed that 20 of 47 products purchased from third-party sellers were counterfeit. In each case, the seller had a customer rating of at least 90 percent, instilling misplaced trust that can hurt the end consumer. In addition, third-party sellers have a deal with Amazon in which the items are stored in a large warehouse, which can expose them to fluctuating temperatures; hence affecting the integrity of the product. Since products do have an expiration date (yes, that 3 year old hairspray under the sink in your bathroom is probably no good), a beauty product spending an extended period on the shelf in a warehouse can be transformed into something you would never want to put on your body.

Additionally, because the product isn’t coming straight from the manufacturer, there’s a possibility that it could be counterfeit. Since you are making a purchase from a third-party seller, there are very little regulations for quality control. In short, you have no idea where your products are coming from. Counterfeit or diluted formulas could be made in unsanitary conditions, or by companies with child-labor practices. They are not FDA-approved and can contain harmful chemicals or substances that could cause irritation or infection.


How To Spot Fake Eco Styler Gel

Here are 4 ways to protect yourself against this risk of buying a fake Eco Styler Gel;


Pricing: Sometime it’s too good to be true, check the Eco Styler Gel manufacturers website for the retail price, use your discretion to add any possible expenses such as import charges, then add profit. With this estimation see if the price tallies. If way cheaper than that there is a huge red flag. Is it fake, is it stolen goods or the vendor is having a clear out sale.


Packaging or Print quality: If the packaging of an Eco Styler Gel looks a bit shoddy, the font looks pixelated, or any inconsistencies with the colors or image saturation (Too red or too blue) that’s another red flag. Check that the barcodes are consistent with the release notes on the producers product information page.


Product: The smell, the texture, the weight of an Eco Styler Gel is another tip. Some counterfeits are so explicit that the packaging looks just like the original, however the proof is in the pudding. When you buy Eco Styler Gel products open it on the spot, smell it, check if anything is off. Do a strand test. In the event it’s a fake product speak with the seller. Even if you can’t get a refund you are at least more knowledgeable and know where NOT to shop.


Probe (Research and Ask questions): There’s nothing wrong in asking the manufacturers about their licensed distributors, or even asking friends to have a look before you make a purchase. Ask a retailer about their distribution channels, probe their product knowledge, ask if they can guarantee lifespan or authenticity. SEE: How To Spot Fake Kiehl’s Products


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