Most phones now have a Caller ID system that makes it possible to know the identity of the caller even when such numbers have not been saved to your phone. In most cases, you should see accurate information about who is placing an incoming call, including a telephone number and optionally a name. In some cases, you will see “Unknown” instead.

There are potential risks associated with unknown calls. How these situations are handled depends on your phone handset, your service provider, and some options you can control. The calls can trigger phone anxiety due to concerns that the caller may bear bad or upsetting news, or be a prank caller. Recognized as an offshoot of social anxiety disorder, telephobia afflicts people across countries and generations. Those who suffer from telephobia might be comfortable delivering a talk in a room full of strangers or might send dozens of text messages a day, but get shivers when they need to talk on the phone.


Who called me with 514-989-5589?

The 5149895589 is one of the many numbers that have been reported 25 times, as a debt collector, 14 times as a scam call, and 8 times as a financial services provider.

The Better Business Bureau recently issued a fraud alert for the “one ring scam” after being contacted by people all across the country. The scammers use automatic dialers to randomly call phone numbers. After the first ring, they disconnect. The bad guys hope you’ll see that number in your missed call log and be curious enough to return it.


How does the One Ring Scam Work?

The scammer will hire an international premium rate number (IPRN) from a local phone company. After this, the scammer will give you one ring and then disconnect the call. You will think that you missed an important call (that too a call from a foreign country! it must be important! –that’s how a lot of people think). So, you will call back on the same number and your call will be taken. Usually, nobody will talk to you from the other side and you’ll keep on saying something like “hello, hello, hello, is anybody there?!“. Eventually, receiving no answer, you will get frustrated and hit the disconnect button on your mobile phone. However, by then you would have lost quite a bit of money.


How to Handle Being Harrasshed By The Number 514-989-5589

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) offers these tips to avoid the stress and distress associated with 5149895589 calls:


  • Only answer calls from known numbers. If you answer a call from an unknown number like 5149895589, hang up immediately.


  • If you answer the phone call from 5149895589 and the caller or recording asks you to select a button or number to stop receiving the calls, you should just hang up. Scammers often use this trick to identify potential targets.


  • Do not respond to any questions, especially those that can be answered “yes” or “no.” By responding “yes,” you’re informing robocallers that your phone number is active. They then might sell your number to other telemarketers, leading to more unwanted calls from 5149895589. Criminals also may record your answers and use the recordings to impersonate you, such as authorizing charges to your credit card or account.


  • Never give out personal information, such as account numbers, Social Security numbers, maiden names, passwords, or other identifying information in response to unexpected calls/texts or if you are suspicious of the caller/sender.


  • If you get an inquiry from someone who says they represent a company or government agency, hang up and call the organization using the phone number from your account statement, the phone book, or its website to verify the authenticity of the request. You will usually receive a statement in the U.S. mail or email before a phone call from a legitimate source, particularly if the caller asks for payment.


  • Use caution if you are being pressured to divulge personal information.


  • If you have a voicemail account, be sure to set a password for it. Some voicemail services are preset to allow access if you call from your own phone number. A malicious actor could spoof your phone number and gain access to your voicemail if you do not set a password.


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