Does E45 lotion lighten skin

Skin color is usually determined by the amount of melanin in the skin. Melanin is a pigment produced by specialized cells called melanocytes. People with dark skin have more melanin. How much melanin your skin has is mainly a matter of your genetic makeup. Sunlight exposure, hormones, skin damage, and exposure to certain chemicals can also affect melanin production.

Changes in skin color will often resolve themselves. For instance, tans fade when the amount of direct exposure to sunlight is reduced. But over time, certain discolorations, such as “age” spots or “liver” spots, become more or less permanent

Skin lightening products also known as bleaching creams, whiteners, skin brighteners, or fading creams — work by reducing a pigment called melanin in the skin. Most people who use lighteners do so to treat skin problems such as age spots, acne scars, or discoloration related to hormones. It is also a technique used to lighten naturally dark skin.


E45 Cream and Lotion

E45 cream and lotion are perfume free, dermatologically tested formulation for the treatment of dry skin conditions. E45 cream and lotion have been clinically proven to treat and soothe dry, itching, flaking, chapped, rough and calloused skin, sunburn and detergent hands. It’s non-greasy emollient formulation leaves your skin soft, comfortable and relieved. E45 Cream is also used for more serious dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, ichtyhosis and certain dry cases of psoriasis.

Moisturizers are helpful for all dry skin conditions, particularly eczema, which get worse when the skin is allowed to dry out. Used regularly they help restore the skin’s smoothness, softness and flexibility by helping the skin retain moisture. This reduces redness, scaling and itching.


How does E45 cream and lotion work?

Dry skin results from lack of water in the stratum corneum, which is the outer layer of skin cells. When this layer becomes dehydrated it loses its flexibility and becomes cracked, scaly and sometimes itchy. The stratum corneum contains natural water-holding substances that retain water seeping up from the deeper layers of the skin, and water is also normally retained in the stratum corneum by a surface film of natural oil (sebum) and broken-down skin cells, which slow down evaporation of water from the skin surface.

The skin dries out when too much water evaporates from its surface. This increases as we get older, and is made worse by washing, because hot water and soap remove the layer of natural oil on the skin surface.

E45 cream and lotion contains light liquid paraffin, white soft paraffin and anhydrous lanolin (a waxy substance obtained from the wool of sheep and sometimes called wool fat). They work by providing a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the skin surface.


How do I use E45 cream and lotion?

  • Apply the cream or lotion to the affected areas of skin two or three times a day, as needed.


  • In conditions such as eczema, using a moisturizer regularly, even once the skin has improved, can help prevent flare-ups. Moisturizers should be applied frequently, particularly after washing, to prevent the skin drying out.


  • If your skin doesn’t improve or gets worse despite using E45 you should get advice from your doctor or pharmacist.


What should I know about E45 cream and lotion?

E45 contains paraffin oils which are flammable. If the cream or lotion comes into contact with dressings, bandages, clothing, bed linen, towels or other fabrics these can be easily ignited by a naked flame or cigarette, particularly if large amounts of the cream have been used, or the fabric or dressing have become soaked with the moisturizer. Keep away from fire, flames and lit cigarettes. If you’re using a lot of E45 as a moisturizer your clothing and bedding should be changed regularly, preferably daily, because the cream and lotion can soak into fabric and can become a fire hazard.


Who shouldn’t use E45 cream or lotion?

People who are allergic to any ingredients of the cream or lotion. These will be listed on the packet. If you feel you have experienced an allergic reaction, stop using E45 and inform your doctor or pharmacist .


Can I use E45 cream and lotion while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes – it’s fine to use E45 if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you’re using E45 on your breasts just make sure you wash any residual cream off before giving a feed.


What are the possible side effects of E45 cream and lotion?

Medicines and their possible side effects can affect individual people in different ways. E45 cream and lotion may cause skin irritation in people hypersensitive to any of the ingredients. If you find this product irritates your skin, stop using it and ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice. For more information about any other possible risks associated with E45 cream or lotion, please read the information provided with the medicine or consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Can I use E45 cream and lotion with other medicines?

By smoothing and softening the skin, moisturizers such as E45 can increase the absorption of other medicines that are applied to the skin. This is useful in conditions such as eczema because it improves the ability of other medicines, such as corticosteroid creams, to penetrate the skin and reduce inflammation.

However, if the moisturizer is applied just before or after applying other medicated creams, ointments or lotions, the moisturizer could dilute the other medicated product. For this reason you should try to leave about 30 minutes between applying moisturizers and medicated skin products, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.


Does E45 Cream Or Lotion Lighten Skin?

E45 Cream and Lotion Lighten Skin are not skin bleaching or lightening products but are formulated specially for people with dry skin. It does not contain Skin whitening or bleaching agents and it is a trusted formula suitable for the whole family, including adults, children and the elderly. SEE: Is Nivea Cream For Light Skin Good For You?

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