How To Get Sperm Out Of Your Body Fast

Sex isn’t usually as glamorous as it appears in the movies. It can get messy with all the sweat, saliva, and bodily fluids involved, so you may feel the need to wash up after. Most women will attest, having all of that ~ semen~ in your vagina after sex or broken condom done doesn’t always feel great, and can sometimes lead to things feeling out of balance.

Semen, in fact, is more alkaline than the natural pH of the vagina, so having it hang out in your vaginal canal can actually increase the risk of certain bacteria growing, which can lead to bacterial vaginosis. Further, because your anus is so close to the vaginal opening, it’s possible for bacteria to shift around during sex (penetrative or not), which is why it’s important to clean house after. In these cases, adhering to some prevention practices is a good idea.

When a person ejaculates they release an average of 39 million sperm cells from their body. While some sperm will go on to fertilize an egg, most will die out. But, how quickly a sperm dies depends on the environment it’s in. Whether in hot tubs or cryogenic chambers, here’s how long sperm survive outside of the body.


How long does sperm live on skin or surfaces?

While this depends on the health status and age of the person, a majority of sperm will die within 15 to 30 minutes on skin or surfaces. Regardless of the surface it is on, sperm is considered dead, and unable to lead to pregnancy, once semen — the ejaculated liquid holding the sperm has dried. However, once semen enters the cervix through the vaginal canal, there is no scientifically proven way to remove it.  Semen enters the uterus within minutes of ejaculation. Sperm can live inside the vagina for up to 7 days. Between a few minutes and several hours after intercourse, some fluid may come out of the vagina. Although some of this may contain sperm, it will mainly consist of a mixture of proteins and vitamins from the ejaculation.


How To Get Sperm Out Of Your Body Fast

The American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) recommend using mild, unscented soap around the vaginal area. It is best to avoid perfumed soaps as these can cause irritation by disturbing the pH level of the vagina. To avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and remain as healthy as possible, there are certain sexual hygiene practices to keep in mind.  Here is how to get sperm out of your body fast.


Pee Immediately

Although studies about this method are slim or show no significant evidence, many people do swear by this tactic. The theory is that as your body rids itself of fluids, any bacteria that might have been introduced into the urethra during sex may also be flushed out. It doesn’t hurt to pee after sex, especially if it eases your mind.

The best way to prevent a UTI is to pee after sex. This is because during sex, bacteria can end up in your urethra (the tube you pee out of), and possibly travel up to your bladder or kidneys. Good self-care after sex includes peeing so that you can flush out any wayward bacteria. It may have an effect on lessening the chances of getting a bladder infection, although it can’t alleviate that chance completely.

Peeing also flushes out a lot of the sex juices you will have accumulated in your vagina during intercourse (and wiping yourself after will take care of the rest).

While nothing that comes out of a penis can hurt your vagina (both semen and yes, even urine, assuming there isn’t bladder infection-causing bacteria present — are totally fine to end up there), the same is not true of poop. If you’re engaging in anal sex, the reality is that butt stuff can end up places you didn’t intend it to. Getting your own poop germs into your vagina can cause a UTI (which is why you should always wipe front to back), and this is also the case with someone else’s poop germs. This is also why it’s important to always use a condom when engaging in anal, even with a monogamous partner, and switching out that condom between vaginal and anal penetration.


Dry Off Your Vulva And Labia

Drying off your vulva and labia can make you feel more comfortable after sex. This is also a big one if you are prone to yeast infections. A yeast infection happens when your lactobacillus bacteria, which is a naturally occurring bacteria in your vagina, can’t keep the fungus candida in check, leading to an overgrowth. Yeast (which lives in your vagina all the time, along with a number of other healthy bacteria) likes warm, wet places. The fact of the matter is that your vagina is always going to be warm and wet, but by keeping your vulva, including your labia, dry, you can reduce the risk of ending up itchy as hell with clumpy vaginal discharge.

If you get yeast infections often, you may already know to wear cotton panties (because cotton is breathable and stays dry) and not to stay in your wet swimsuit for a long time after you get out of the ocean or pool. The same principles apply — just as you would normally after peeing, wipe and put on clean underwear for the next phase of your day.



People may shower or douche to try to remove semen from their vagina, but this is unlikely to work, as the water will be unable to reach the semen in the uterus.

The logic behind having a bath to remove semen is that it will wash the sperm out. However, this will not work, as the water will not reach the uterus.



Some people believe that inserting vinegar into the vagina may kill sperm due to vinegar’s high level of acidity. There is no scientific evidence to prove this, and putting vinegar into the vagina may lead to irritation.



If you are interested in getting sperm or semen out of your body, head straight to the bathroom and follow these steps:


Bear down. While you’re seated over the toilet, push down with your vaginal muscles. This can help push out any lingering ejaculate.

Urinate. Force yourself to pee while you’re sitting on the toilet. This won’t wash semen out of the vaginal canal, but it may help remove anything on the outside of the vagina.

Wash up. Hop in the shower, or use lukewarm water to gently splash your genitals. This also helps wash away any lingering ejaculate.

Avoid douching. The chemicals in a douche can irritate the sensitive skin around the vagina. This can open you up to inflammation and infection. It can also push semen further into your body.