The attention of the management of Public Health Nigeria  has been drawn to the activities of a YouTube Channel  PH NEWS soliciting for funds in the name of our organization. For the avoidance of doubt PH News is not an arm of PHN but a deceptive creation to take advantage of the organisation.

The channel is also engaged in the illegal act of copying content directly from our site and transforming them into videos In violation of Youtube copyrights rules .

We wish to inform the general public, our members , professional bodies and esteem readers that have taken steps locally to verify the identity of the culprits and prosecute  these group of persons or lone culprit in order to stop this ugly trend.

We have already filed a copyright violations report against the channel , having collected all evidence of infringement including the use of our designed material and display of our logo without authorization.

Any organization , persons or entities that does or engages in any transaction with the Youtube Channel (PH NEWS) does so at his or her own risk. Any one with useful information about the masterminds  can contact us via or law enforcement agencies.


Public Health Nigeria



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