Is Distilled Water Safe For Babies?

Drinking Distilled Water: is distilled water safe for babies? The most critical period for a child’s development is the 1,000 days between conception and the age of two. Nutrition, along with protection, stimulating activities and early learning, shapes brain development for life during this spell. Adequate nutrition during this period is therefore essential to ensure the growth, […]

Drinking Distilled Water While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Drinking Distilled Water While Pregnant or Breastfeeding A healthy diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle at any time, but especially vital if you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy. Healthy eating keeps you feeling good and gives your baby the essential nutrients they need in the uterus. Pregnancy nutrition is essential for the health and wellness of your baby and fluid intake is an important […]

Can I Drink Distilled Water

  What is Distilled water? Distilled water is water that has been boiled into steam and then cooled to become water again in a separate container making it free from dissolved   minerals and salts. Distilled water is devoid of dissolved minerals and other vital elements and has the special property of being able to actively and effectively absorb toxic substances from the body and […]

Why Do I Ejaculate Quickly

  What is premature ejaculation? According to Harvard health, Premature ejaculation occurs when a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates too quickly and without control. In other words, ejaculation occurs before a man wants it to happen. It may occur before or after beginning foreplay or intercourse. Some men experience a lot of personal distress because of this condition. […]

MDMA: Uses, Side Effects, Legality, Brain Impact

What is MDMA? MDMA is the abbreviation of 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine , a synthetic drug  that alters mood and perception. It achieves this by increasing the activity of three brain chemicals in the following ways: Dopamine— when MDMAalters the activity of dopamine it causes a surge in euphoria and increased energy/activity. Norepinephrine— the effect of MDMAon Norepinephrine causes an increase […]