Download The Preparedness and Response to Acute Watery Diarrhea Outbreaks Pdf

Click on the Link Below to Download The Preparedness and Response to Acute Watery Diarrhea Outbreaks Document Preparedness and Response to Acute Watery Diarrhoea Outbreaks Document Credit: NCDC Also See :  Global Health Directory Public Health NgPublic Health Nigeria an Interdisciplinary public health movement focused on health education, advancing fair public health policies, promoting fitness, […]

Download The New WHO Guidelines for the prevention of overweight and obesity in children

Guidelines for Assessing and managing children at primary healthcare facilities to prevent overweight and obesity in the context of the double burden of malnutrition As part of its response to the global epidemic of obesity, World Health Organization has issued new guidelines to support primary healthcare professionals and  workers to  identify and manage children who […]

Download WHO New Consolidated ART Guidelines

World Health Organization New Consolidated Guidelines For The Use Of Antiretroviral Drugs in Treating And Preventing HIV Infection   These New World Health Organization guidelines provide broad guidance on the diagnosis of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, the use and administration of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs for the treatment and prevention of HIV infection and the […]

The Top 4 Healthiest Nigerian Food

African food and Nigerian food by extension are among the most nutritious food on the planet, despite the westernization of the African delicacy, Nigeria food remains one of the most health friendly dishes globally.Dr. Dennis Burkitt, a famous British doctor who worked extensively in Africa, compared the kinds of diseases affecting the affluent in the […]

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