Papua New Guinea: Health Information

Papua New Guinea: Health Information Papua New Guinea and its offshore islands are located in the Western Pacific, A country of rich cultural, biological and eco -diversity, famous for its beautiful beaches and rich coral reefs. The island nation is home to active volcanoes, granite Mt. Wilhelm, dense rainforest and hiking routes like the Kokoda Trail. Papua New Guinea […]

Complete List of Hospitals In Papua New Guinea

Healthcare in Papua New Guinea is provided primarily by government and religious organizations. Beside these two major health service providers there are also many well equipped private hospitals in Papua New Guinea who  provide healthcare services across the country.  The country currently spends around 4.5% of its GDP on health services with approximately 20% of this coming from […]

The 7 Dangers of Phone & Mobile Device Addiction

  As technology advances so does the complexity and personalization of mobile devices. Phone addiction is a compulsive disorder which involves the non-essential use of phone beyond an initially intended period, this extended use adversely affects other aspects of life such as family, friends and productivity at work. The excessive use of mobile devices also […]

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