Catalan Chronicles : 5 Lesson I Learnt From Paddy Adenuga Memoir

Chronicles of Catalan : Five Lessons I learnt From Paddy Adenuga’s Memoir One thing that Paddy’s memoir thought many ignorant Nigerians like my self was that Paddy Adenuga was not the spoilt, overbearing, and unintelligent fellow that the Nigerian media have painted over the years. As I read through his  Chevron Netherlands acquisition dairy, I […]

Best Public Health Schools in the United States of America

Best Public Health Schools in the United States of America Over the last two decades, the study of public health has blossomed in America, the increased  awareness of  global health concerns and challenges such as  the AIDS epidemic , malnutrition, avian influenza  global warming and bio-terrorism has brought public health consciousness to the epicenter of […]

Top Behavioral Science Degree Online Programs 2018

Behavioral science is a public health discipline that deals with the interactions between individuals and the community or organisms within the natural world. It achieves its objectives through the study of the past, systematic analysis, investigation of human behavior, disciplined scientific experimentation, and thorough controlled and naturalistic observation of the present. Examples of behavioral sciences […]

A Complete Overview of DBX-13, Uses, Side Effects, Review

A Complete Overview of DBX-13, Uses, Review What is DBX-13 DBX 13 is one of the many organic natural remedies for diabetes and obesity in the pharmaceutical market promoted by Health Sciences Institute (HSI).DBX 13 contains 11 ingredients which include: Vitamin C, Biotin, chromium aspartate, garcinia cambogia, cinnamon,bitter melon, betaine HCL, banaba, gymnema sylvestre, fenugreek, […]

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